The Broncos signed their first round pick and have signed just about every high draft pick from their 2011 class except the two safeties.

Gonna roll out a new meter soon, it has something to do with what I’m expecting from this kid.

I know why the Broncos picked Von Miller.

They picked him because they knew a high quality pass rusher is more valuable to a defense than a run stuffer or a corner. They also wanted to pick a sure thing.

Early in his Aggies career the 6’3″, 246-pound Miller excelled against a procession of future franchise tackles that includes the Redskins’ Trent Williams (Oklahoma), the Seahawks’ Russell Okung (Oklahoma State) and the Vikings’ Phil Loadholt (Oklahoma).

I have a feeling this kid’s gonna be a star. His off the field presence reminds me of Mike Singletary–you look at the guy and feel as though he isn’t capable of on field destruction hitherto never before seen.

In other news, did we get rid of Orton yet? Where’s my defensive tackle(s) and power running back too? The guy we traded Jabar Gaffney for don’t count neither.