Unbelievable. Still can’t believe the ending to that game yesterday.

We  get the ball multiple times in the beginning of the Jets game and what did we have to show for it? All that momentum and nothing. Goose egg.

Nothing to show for it and not only that, we end up DOWN 7 points.

Down 7 points. You can make Demaryius Thomas or Renaldo Hill, or Maybe J.D. Walton the goats for what happened in the end… sure, but right there is a big problem in the beginning of the game. Our defense plays brilliantly and the offense does not answer.

We’re even fortunate enough to recover an onside kick, only to punt the ball away.

Botched field goal snap. A missed field goal. Interceptions that could have been caught.

In the second half of the game, the Broncos three and outs wore down our defense to the point that when we did score a touchdown, right after that boom the Jets rip off a forty yard play. Then we’re fortunate enough to recover a fumble. Great, right? Only the offense goes three and out in about two seconds. Oh, I bet the defense just loved that one. Nice breather they got there.

Then the defense breaks down and lets Tomlinson waltz right in there.

Renaldo Hill shows no presence on the floating bomb to Santonio Holmes. Demaryius Thomas can’t hold on to the ball when it’s right in his hands. Our center blows a flying hoagie out his ass on the last play. Rookie mistakes, penalties on the offensive line…

This team is inconsistent all around. The blame goes all around. It’s a team thing. They can’t put it together.

The game plan was brilliant. Kyle Orton played decent enough for the most part. He threw a few farts though, I’m getting a little tired of his farts. You see that pass to Thomas that went out into the bleachers, eh? He’s been farting in critical situations lately. That audible to a running play was a joke. But I was glad to see us throwing deep early for once. That has it’s benefits even when some of the passes don’t connect. I don’t give a rip about stats. It keeps a defense on their toes, it keeps them thinking “maybe they will go deep.” It keeps them thinking and it opens up other things. You know we out-rushed the Jets yesterday? Trick plays and throwing deep certainly helped the running game. We did things the Jets defense didn’t expect and hopefully the creativity in the offense continues.

Just ask the Jets about the benefits of throwing deep.

The jump pass to Demaryius Thomas was money. Or well, it should have been. Even throwing it over the vaunted Revis, but Thomas didn’t catch two of those passes that were right in his hands. It’s just a team thing, they can’t seem to put it all together, somebody misses, somebody breaks down, some one farts, the offense doesn’t answer when momentum is on their side and there you go another loss. That’s what mediocre teams do. They leave you holding the bag thinking would have, should have, could have. Unable to make plays when it counts–4th and 6 in the Jets game, 3rd and 25 in the Eagles game last year, 4th and 10 in the Raiders game last year–it’s the same story.

This team can still win out, it can still go 6 and 2, it’s possible with the schedule we have but not probable. They ought to let Timmy Teebs start giving speeches now. I guess that was ridiculous, eh? Utilizing Tebow. I’m telling you he better have been banged up in the previous games. No reason not to use his talents.

It’s the same team as last year, except we have some more talent, we’re younger in spots and we do certain things better. The good news–I think we’re one draft away from a playoff team.