I watched yesterday’s game and here’s a few things:

This Lance Ball character should make the team, he’s unspectacular but he’s capable and versatile–he catches the ball well.

I’m predicting 12 sacks for Robert Ayers this season. Over the course of 16 games I believe he can do this, he’s got the athleticism, the acuity, the agility and moves. He shows flashes of brilliance that I never saw from Jarvis Moss.

Defenses are getting to our quarterback, the pass protection is spotty and the run blocking sucks. Orton did a decent job of stepping away from traffic, I used to call him a one-legged goat out there, I think he deserves an upgrade to a two-legged goat.

Getting beat by the Lions at home is never good, even in preseason.

The Sonic Sports Desk is pretty lame, the only redeeming quality: it’s situated near the cheerleaders. Thing looks like a glorified ice cream cart from the 1970’s. Can’t they invest in a little cocobolo? Mahogany? Maybe some aged teak? Even gum tree would be an upgrade.

Quinn performed a little better, but eh, he’s still The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby.

Our first string defense was OK overall. The first string offense was decent in terms of passing, we’ve got the Orton to Gaffney connection out there–two people often mocked in the offseason. I’ll tell you what, Jabar Gaffney can make all the catches Brandon Marshall made–he just doesn’t perform as well running after the catch. Our inability to run the football is a major concern, if this doesn’t get turned around we could be in for a long year. It absolutely sucks when the run isn’t honored and teams know you’re throwing and they rush in and play the pass all day long.

I heard rumblings that Horvil Tiki capsized on some raft out in the Pacific. Probably due to improper planning, extreme laziness and overall poor work ethic.