Denver Broncos Orton

Wreck of the S.S. Orton

So now we hear both Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal requested trades before the Chargers game last week (that puts a dent in the haters version, that they want out because of Tebow.)

Get rid of them.

Get them gone, and oh by the way doesn’t is suck that we don’t have Gaffney right now? Gaffney, who is the second best receiver on the Redskins and a professional.

Eddie Royal? What’s he done lately?

How about nothing.

Sayonara pal. Let’s give Matthew Willis his spot.

Brandon Lloyd is a prima donna on the field after one good year. He’s good, he’s not great. I remember him spouting off that Orton would see “greener pastures” if traded.

Brandon Lloyd’s lousy production this year is because of John Fox’s scheme–so says Lloyd. Surely it’s not because teams are wary of him this year, unlike last year where he came out of nowhere and snuck up on people–so said I, all along.

I knew this Lloyd was gone after this year, but oh no we were gonna go to the playoffs with him and Pro Bowler Kyle Orton. Remember that crap?

Remember how amazing the Broncos were when they beat up on Buffalo in preseason? Oh yeah the Pro Bowlers Orton and Lloyd were going to light the league on fire. We would run 500 times… Play big-time defense…

Now look at us. Back to reality, the reality I was aware of from the start. This isn’t a very good team and we should have started the kid from the beginning of training camp.

We should have jettisoned Kyle Orton at the beginning of the year when he had some value. We could have traded Lloyd then too–he certainly had better value at the start of the season.

Instead, we decided to build the season around these free agent ingrates and we sent a professional in Jabar Gaffney packing for absolutely nothing in return.

Lloyd becomes a prima donna after one good season–unbelievable.

I said 80% chance he’s gone after this year. Now what if we don’t trade him? What if we can’t trade Lloyd or Royal? Won’t that be nice to have two starting receivers who don’t want to be here, maybe they’ll both punt a football.

This administration, this management is sucking. First they made a terrible decision to go with a journeyman QB who’s gone after this year, next they trade a good player for nothing, finally they make a big splash in free agency on “Ty Warren.”

Normally you learn about trades after they’ve been executed.

Instead we got leak after leak going down at Dove Valley. It’s a problem that has plagued this team for years. Somebody leaked the McDaniels/Cassel/Cutler “trade,” later you have some loser on our staff popping off about McDaniels “Spygate”… botched Orton deal… Tebow’s worse than Adam Weber…

What the hell is going on up there? You need to punt some losers on that staff, never mind some of these ungrateful players.

Keep Tebow, Clady, Walton, Franklin, McGahee, Decker, Willis…

Keep Ayers, Miller, Moore and…

You know what? The rest can go.

Trade Bailey to a contender at the end of this year, maybe even Dumervil if he doesn’t shape up in this system soon. Cut Dawkins, let him try to play for somebody somewhere.

Other than that, this team’s success is now all about our young players. Developing Teebs, Moore, Miller, Franklin… The Broncos “success” will be developing these players. You’d like to win games, sure, but the future is most important.

5-6, 6-5 from here on out this season? That’s the best case scenario this year for these Denver Broncos. I could see us upsetting a decent team or two with Teebs at the helm, not so with Orton.

PS, If we can’t trade Lloyd by Monday, send him to Miami for a late seventh rounder by Tuesday. Maybe Lloyd can take some notes from Marshall. Cut him if you have to.