So  I see that Demaryius Thomas is gonna play this Sunday, eh? I hope so, he said ” a couple more weeks ” on Tuesday, so something changed. It’s about time we got some production out of our first round pick.

That Jacksonville game pissed me off. Yes I picked the Broncos to go 10 and 6 this year, and yes I stand by that but that don’t mean I have to like what I saw last week.

Honestly, I expected a loss–tough start in the heat, many of us remember the Miami game where we opened the season in the humidity and we got embarrassed beyond belief. Wasn’t even close.  This time in the “hottest game ever” in Jacksonville football history we were competetive–but the loss sucked. Never good when you should have won a game, never good when a team shoots itself in the foot. The mistakes have to end, when will our opponent make a costly mistake for God’s sake? But oh no we’ve been screwing the pooch left and right with the games well in our grasp.

It’s gotta end, the mistakes must end and we better win this game. We’ve got a tough run coming up and this one’s gotta go in the win column.

If what I hear is true, and that Tyler Polumbus is starting for them… well let’s just say if we don’t pressure Hasselbeck on Sunday then he’s either dumping the ball off short lickety split or we’ve got some serious problems. I want to see our defensive backs tighten it up back there too after Garrard’s ridiculous 139 quarterback rating. Above all, I want to see a well coached, well prepared team this Sunday. An offense that finishes good drives with touchdowns and runs the ball with acuity would help. Ten men on the field, two facemasks in a row, multiple delays of game in stupid situations–enough of that nonsense.

Maybe we’ll get to see Timmy Teebs on a flea flicker this Sunday–or maybe he’ll even catch a pass–much to the dismay of some of those who said he’s a quarterback, period.

And finally, yeah, my dogs missed that little runt. He’s much safer with me, Tiki knows it. He don’t got to worry about ending up with an apple in his mouth any more.