Was a very enjoyable game last night. Here’s P.P.’s Wisdom–that’s right, P.P.’s wisdom, and not the moronic braindroppings of some gooned out buffoon who has a woefully sad command of the English language.

Robert Ayers is turning into the player I believed he could be, as I said all last year: this guy shows flashes of brilliance and has moves out there, he was close last year, it was a learning experience for him, but this year my prediction of 12 sacks for this guy looks to be right on course.

Tim Tebow BroncosIf the preseason ended today, Tim Tebow’s my #2 quarterback. Brady Quinn hasn’t shown me much at all out there. He throws unspectacular,  he moves unspectacular… he looks like the rookie out there, we’ll see next week, but as of now, if I were the coach I’d promote Tebow and I’d sit Quinn for the first regular season game and then trade him to Jacksonville in week 2. Who will we replace him with? I don’t know, who cares? Some stumble-bum off the street for all I care.

Perrish Cox looked good, so did that Syd’Quan Thompson. They’ve both impressed at corner and kick returning. At this point, I’d rather see Brady Quinn get released to make a roster spot for Syd’Quan Thompson.

Timmy Teebs had a good outing. The interception doesn’t bother me, Kyle Orton got picked too… it especially doesn’t bother me when he marches the field and scores a touchdown on the next possession. Timmy Tebow is showing he can get the job done throwing the ball. All the eyes of America are on this kid’s throwing motion, all the pundits have been harassing his delivery–but I don’t care if he trots out there with a pantleg on his head screeching kumbayah before every throw, I don’t give a rip how he delivers the ball as long as it’s on target and moving the offense forward.

Lendale White BroncosLendale White should make this team. I will be very disappointed if he doesn’t. He is an element this team didn’t have, and the element we need: a big, bruising back who can move the pile. As part of my offseason wishlist, I wanted us to draft a slugger running back in the later rounds, but the genius of McDaniels took a chance on this guy and I hope it works out. As long as Lendale can keep away from the Hooka pipe. He falls forward on almost every run, he even showed some moves for a big guy.

The offensive line did a better job against a team who perennially gets to the quarterback. Our special teams kick coverages were much better.

The Not-So-Mighty Quinnby will show us whether he belongs this Thursday.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to land a nice hearty breakfast and file a restraining order for online harassment.