Looks like that Tiki is MIA. Probably off somewhere crying in his soup. He probably can’t decide who to give the “tiki torch” award to this week–can’t say I blame him.

That Krieger at the Post. I think they should fire him. These papers are tanking, they should cut ties with these spinmeisters.  After the game, when asked whether the Jets defense was on it’s heels when we ran Tebow’s special packages, Brandon Lloyd replied, “I don’t know.” Krieger added to that, ” not exactly a ringing endorsement.” Oh yeah Krieger, taking an absolutely innocent statement totally out of context and adding your own little snide remark. I’m sure Brandon Lloyd was focused on doing his job, in this case blocking… I suppose he had all the time in the world to review the tape just after the game to see how all eleven Jets reacted to Tebow. What a joke.

Goober Krieger goes on to say no one with 4.7 speed is going to be a star runner in the NFL. 4.7 speed is only a “glorified fullback,” he claims. The sea cuke Krieger spurts ” it’s not good enough to be worth the effort of the special packages if that’s as good as it gets…” What a joke. Every damn one of those special package plays gained positive yards and a touchdown to top it off. Anyone saying “Kyle Orton could of run that one in,” has a short memory when it comes to Orton running the football. If Tebow’s a 4.7 Orton’s got to be a damn 6. Tebow’s agility and physical ability is far superior. Hell, a 6 yard run with our dismal run blocking? That is no small feat, not to mention consistent two or three yards on the rest of them plays. Tebow even showed some moves making a Jets player miss on one of those plays.

4.7 don’t cut the mustard in the NFL, eh Kriegs? Tell that to Terrell Davis, you loser.

I suppose this Krieger don’t like us getting positive yardage, I suppose he don’t like keeping an opposing defense guessing… maybe this Krieger don’t like the Broncos finishing drives with a touchdown.

Plus, this loser has some balls, alluding to a “potential locker room rift,” between the team and its quarterbacks.

He picks the Jets to win on the eve of Orange Sunday, he badmouths the team in the offseason on the radio, yeah that’s right Krieger I don’t forget.

I want him gone. Pathetic reasoning, poor logic, faulty acuity and he’s clearly trying to stir the pot and create a controversy where there ain’t none. Conduct detrimental to the team. He’s dead weight over there at the Post and making little sense.  Just a provocateur, nothing more. At least Numby has passion, I’ll give him that much.

Oh, and if Kyle Orton’s rhythm is thrown off so badly by the special packages–which I’m sure it isn’t. Look no further than the New England game last year, I suppose that switching to Wild Horses was real rough on him. If for some reason he can’t handle these plays–then he ain’t a professional.