Better slide or you're going to get killed... right?

The Carolina Panthers Cam Newton should probably hang up his cleats and retire from the NFL. It’s “obvious the kid can’t play,” “he relies on running too much” and “he doesn’t complete fifty percent of his passes.” If we are to trust these opinions based on the majority of the mainstream sports media’s analysis of Tim Tebow then clearly Newton doesn’t have a future in the NFL.

When Cam Newton runs it’s “electric.” When Tim Tebow runs “he’s an ignorant turd that’s going to get killed.”

ESPN’s Senior Writer, the great John Clayton claimed Cam Newton “passed the eyeball test” despite his bad throwing stats in the preseason. Way to be open minded Clayton and others, way to be glass half full you pencil necked loser.

I'm still waiting for Mark Schlereth to say this kid's too ripped to play QB

I expected to hear more criticism of Newton today, instead I hear a bunch of  crickets chirping. Gutless hypocrites. How about Tavaris Jackson too? Oh he’s just lighting it up I hear, nothing to report there.

In other news, kudos to Randy Cross for stating something that most in the press wouldn’t have the guts to say:

“People, especially the media, root against him because of what he stands for,” said Cross.

The 3-time Super Bowl champ added: “My personal belief is there are people in the media, people in the stands, who are predisposed to see a guy like that fail … Just because he’s so public about the way he feels.”