Grandpa Numby

Champ is a class act, he’s one of the best to ever play the game but the Broncos are wise not to give him a new deal.

I think he’ll be playing for Baltimore next year.

It’s good for him and it’s good for the team.

Let Champ go to a contender and let the Broncos free up some money. With the money Champ makes, the Broncos can sign two very decent players.

Champ is getting older and he makes too much money.

It’s time for some of these people to quit living in the past, cut their sentimental ties and move on.

And no, we don’t need to draft a corner with the second pick in the draft to replace Bailey. We don’t need a superstar at corner. We need a superstar on the defensive line.

Pick up a corner in free agency, draft one in the second round. Hell we have what almost amounts to a first round pick with our high second round selection.

When a team needs a quarterback and that team has a top three pick, that team must draft a quarterback. There are no guarantees, none whatsoever that the player selected will become a franchise quarterback. No guarantee you’ll have a Peyton Manning or a Ryan Leaf when all is said and done. The team must take the chance. Same with the Broncos, the Broncos must take a chance on Da’Quan Bowers or Nick Fairley. They must take the chance on a possible franchise defender at the point of attack.

I keep hearing, “Well Dumervil will come back next year, there’s our pass rush…”

To that I say, ” Dumervil is not enough.”

Dumervil wasn’t enough the year before last. Yeah, he had a lot of sacks, but who else did? Who else do the Broncos have that can sack the quarterback with any consistency? No one, zip, zero, zilch–goose egg.

That’s a problem. Even with Dumervil that’s one lineman the opposing quarterback has to worry about. One. Keep track of where that one guy is, and the others? Well, not so much.

If the Broncos picked either Nick Fairley or Da’Quan Bowers and each only sacked the quarterback 9 times per year, that is a more substantial upgrade to this defense than replacing Champ Bailey with a rookie Champ Bailey.

How many interceptions has Bailey had lately? You can avoid a Champ Bailey, a Patrick Peterson. Dumervil on one side of your defensive line, and a disruptive Bowers or Fairley on the other is a nightmare scenario for quarterbacks and it’s just what the Broncos need. I’ve been saying for years we need another pass rushing lineman to complement Dumervil and it hasn’t happened. It hasn’t happened and we’ve watched Jamarcus Russell and other lower tier quarterbacks have a field day on us, not to forget the higher tier ones. You need pressure on the quarterback, look at Huckdort for example. You don’t pressure him and he’ll sit back in the pocket and look like a world beater out there. Once he faces a team capable of pressuring him that’s when the fumbles and forced throws rear their sour Dort head.

Two NFL positions where you don’t need to spend a mint: Cornerback and Wide Receiver.

If for some reason Brandon Lloyd wanted to be one of the highest paid receivers in the NFL, then he can get paid somewhere else.

April is fast approaching and P.P.’s big board has two players on it: Bowers and Fairley. Every other pick, they can do what they want. Although I expect we’ll draft a running back somewhere in the first four rounds, hopefully someone with some size and power for God’s sake.