Elway Fox Xanders Orton

Five games in and it blew up in their faces...

The most exciting half of Denver Broncos football all year. It’s about time. I am adding Alfred Williams and Mark Schlereth to the Reality Meter. Look at them, look at them. All those minds together does not equal one P.P. Dublinski.

Reality is Here

“The kid can’t play and the kid can’t throw.”

I don’t care what anybody says, this offense moves forward with Tim Tebow at the helm. I don’t care how he does it. I don’t care about completion percentage or any stats whatsoever. Move the chains and score touchdowns, get the offense from point A to point B however you can. Ditka knows, Ditka knows.

Tebow’s screen passes are money. The kid throws a beautiful screen. I’m telling you this kid could revive Knowshon Moreno’s career. Screens and draws–nothing else for Moreno. Leave the heavy lifting on first and second downs to Willis McGahee. Tebow also throws the ball down field well, it’s these intermediate passes to the right and left sideline where he needs work–a lot of it. But hey, he came in cold, it’s not like he’s getting the first team reps or anything… we squandered those up until now, we gave them all to some doofus.

This should be the end of the Kyle Orton era in Denver.

This should also be the end of the Kyle Orton offense in Denver.

Seriously, if Tebow has trouble under center then don’t play him under center. Or at least limit that. What’s wrong with the shotgun? What’s wrong with running out of the shotgun? You see how this kid poses problems for a defense? They need to be ready for his run at all times, it puts pressure on a defense.

The commentary by Rich Gannon on Brandon Lloyd’s dropped two point conversion was stupid. All this “if Tebow were under center” crap. No, if Lloyd catches that ball–the ball placed right in his hands– if he catches it then all Gannon could say is “great throw.”

I was surprised John Fox pulled the plug on Kyle Orton at the half. Pleasantly surprised. Then again, how can you justify 34 yards passing, a pick and terrible throws that should have been picked? I said to myself the kid couldn’t do any worse.

Glad the coach agrees.

We should have been playing this kid with the starters from day one of training camp. We squandered the season up to this point–we weren’t moving forward on offense that’s for sure. We could have won games with this kid, he puts pressure on a defense with his abilities. Abilities Kyle Orton could never dream of.

AP Photo - Timmy Teebs = Mobility

Tebow should have been throwing to Lloyd, Royal and Decker all season long. That’s how you develop timing. Instead, we marginalized him and relegated him to the B and C team while we gave amazing Kyle all the first team reps. That looks smart now doesn’t it? Doesn’t it Alfred Williams? Doesn’t it Mark Schlereth?

The kid didn’t do too badly coming in cold. The excuses and criticism  are flying, I see that Trent Dilfer and our very own Tom Jackson criticizing the move already. How they’ll have to dumb down the offense, how “Tebow is limited.”

Earth to Tom Jackson–you’ve got to be kidding me.

You want to talk about a limited quarterback?

Look no further pal.

eh cuckoo? eh cuckoo?

Now the Broncos have hope and now moving forward they may win some games they should lose.

“Kyle Orton is our best chance to win.”

“Kyle Orton gives the Broncos credibility.”

“The practice players Orton and Quinn are the real gamers.”

Take your best chance to win, take your Orton credibility, take your practice players and flush them right down the toilet. Crash and burn baby, oh yeah.

So much for Brady Quinn being “the real number two in Denver.” I’m glad they’re smarter than that.

The Kyle Orton era is down the river on a $h&^house door baby, down the river on a $*^house door.

The Timmy Tebow era is here.

If you don’t like it, you better learn to love it.

I will still demand apologies for squandering the season up until now, apologies for poor mental acuity and woefully sub par decision making.

PS–Kudos to Robert Ayers. He’s making more big plays out there lately than Dumervil right now and that’s the truth.