The only silver lining on this lame effort is that we’re only down 10.

Horrible playcalling and execution on the first two drives. Did they think we’re playing the Ravens out there? Little dinks and dunks and runs that don’t work.

I hope we can put to rest the notion that the Broncos have running backs who ” just can’t find the holes.”

That’s a lot of backs who can’t find the holes.

There ain’t no holes, and our run blocking is anemic.

Pathetic to run on the goal line all those times and come up short. It’s the right call going for it on fourth down there on the one–and it sure wasn’t Maroney’s fault–but our run blocking sucks.

After our defense does its job and gets Manning off the field, Orton comes out there and looks like Brady Quinn in the preseason. Even my grandmother could see he was throwing to Thomas on that interception play, very weak. Sick and tired of this team folding at home against good teams.

A lot of garbage penalties and non-penalties out there, but hey that’s what happens when your team is playing like the crud. This offense better shape up in the next half or I will be rightly pissed.