Denver Broncos Playoffs Tim Tebow

Denver Broncos Late Season Nightmares

Well it looks like that Horvil Tiki has gone off the deep end, serves him right. He’s making absolutely no sense (not that he ever did). The losses in the ass end of the season (yet again) probably got to him.

I suppose I could outline all the flaws about last weeks game. Talk about our offensive coordinator who thinks a seven point lead in the first quarter warrants running the ball up the middle on first, second and third down (I guess this guy thinks we are a power running team.) How Tim Tebow sucked, how our defense sucked and has been sucking the last three games. How our pass rush was non-existent yadda yadda, whatever.

It all goes away if the Broncos win this Sunday.

Whether it’s by one point or twenty, win and all the BS from the last couple games goes away.

Lose and the Broncos and Tim Tebow will hear about it ALL YEAR LONG.

Are you confident about this team winning against Kansas City this Sunday?

I ain’t.

Not with what I’m seeing out there. The Keystone Cops defense has returned. The only thing that gives me hope is KC’s RB Battle is out and Kyle Orton is immobile. The way these opposing quarterbacks have been running for first downs on us is an absolute joke. Reminds me of the 2009 season when Donovan McNabb ran for twenty one yards on a third and twenty late in the game. This defense looks worn down and our quarterback running around like a chicken with its head cut off sure as hell ain’t helping anything.

That said, I’m not too worried about Tebow. He seems to play well in big games and against division rivals. He could have a great game Sunday and you know what? We could still lose.

I believe this game boils down to the Denver Broncos defense and it’s ability to pressure Kyle Orton. I’ve heard some pretty moronic things this week from Denver Post journalists and others about Kyle Orton. They talk about him like he’s Johnny Unitas out there, while in reality there’s absolutely no telling whether he’ll even be a Chief next year–that’s how amazing he is. We all know how limited he is and how he plays under pressure. We all know about his mobility on par with a one legged goat.

A one legged goat. Probably worse legs than Matt Cassel and we all know what our defense did to him in November. Well, a defense that wasn’t worn down like it is now. Unbelievable.

Pressure Kyle Orton, get to him and this game is won. Go get him. We got the Chiefs QB before, time to man up and get him again. Fail this and it’s down the river on a $^%thouse door, baby.

The Broncos should win this game — on paper. On paper we’re a better team than the Chiefs and they are limited on offense with Kyle Orton, Dwayne Bowe and McCluster. We should have an answer for each of these players, the key term is should. I’m not confident at all the way our team is playing, how could you be based on the past couple performances?

In recent years, the Broncos late season woes have been inexcusable. Look at the Infographic here, unbelievable suckage in the ass-end of the season.

Mike Shanahan and Jay “Huckdort” Cutler couldn’t do it.

Josh McDaniels and Kyle “Cuckooman” Orton couldn’t do it.

Can John Fox and Timmy Teebs do it? We’ll learn a lot about Fox and Tebow in this game. Can Fox motivate this team to show up? Can Tebow lead the offense to the playoffs?

I better see fires lit under asses. I better see us up by twenty one points in the first half. It better go down like that.

I’ll tell you what: I ain’t going down with this ship. Fail this task and it’s going to be trouble.

I’ll tell you something Tim Tebow, maybe God doesn’t care if the Broncos lose.

But P.P. Dublinski sure as hell does.

I better not get disrespected this Sunday. Better come to play. Don’t you dare embarrass me.

For I am the Dark Ninja of the Depths. I am the Catalyst. I have wisdom upon my brow and in my right hand is strength.

In my left hand is vengeance.

I am the Catalyst and Pat Bowlen surely reads the iron truths of P.P. Dublinski.

I heralded the s%^tcanning of Shanhan — but that was easy.

I proclaimed the demise of Jay “Huckdort” Cutler months before it happened. Months before anyone even imagined such a thing. I knew he didn’t look right, didn’t protect the ball. Go google Huckdort, go gaze at that incredible image search. My iron truths on display for all to see.

And yes, Josh McDaniels did ultimately fail the Broncos is many ways — but I still believe his time will come elsewhere and he is responsible for tossing Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler and that gooned out Huckdort. You can add Peyton Hillis to that list — something ain’t right with him and his attitude.

He canned these Shanahan era prima donna losers and I and everyone else should be thankful for it.

I heralded the demise of Brandon Marshall, I knew he was gone while others were enthralled with the coach’s “hug” and figured he’d surely come back. Pay him fifty million plus — what a laugh.

The very next day after I turned on McDaniels he was fired. Bowlen figured P.P. turned and that is all.

This team gets into the playoffs and that is a win in and of itself. Don’t matter if we lost 50-3 to the Steelers or whoever. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool. Know them by their strange, malformed logic and puerile acuity on the level of a gelatinous sea cucumber or facsimile thereof.

My power and countenance is not to be trifled with. Don’t you dare disrespect me out there.

I better see fires lit under asses and I better see a real football team out there.

Fail this and it will be one hell of a long offseason.