The Broncos passed up defensive tackles Marcell Dareus and Nick Fairley.

The Broncos passed up defensive tackles Marvin Austin and Stephen Paea.

The Broncos drafted LB Von Miller in the first round and Safety Rahim Moore and Guard Orlando Franklin in the second round.

The Denver Broncos plan is clear: Draft skill positions and target defensive linemen in free agency.

In a draft with such depth at defensive tackle–a glaring need–the Broncos decided to draft skill positions on defense.

The only way this draft makes sense, is if the Broncos target a free agent defensive lineman or two.

Wait, actually, they MUST do this. They WILL do this.

I don’t care if Von Miller is defensive rookie of the year, I don’t care if Timmy Tebow lights up the league… this Broncos team needs help badly on the defensive line and we will not win games until its addressed.

Some say: “Well you can’t build Rome in a day, we’re not going to the Super Bowl this year anyways…”

No, we ain’t going to the Super Bowl, but I want this team to be competitive in games–any game.

I, P.P. Dublinski hereby guarantee the Denver Broncos will acquire a top flight free agent defensive lineman once free agency begins.

This HAS to be the plan, this HAS to be the answer. I’m not talking playoffs, I’m not talking Super Bowl, I’m just talking competing in football games. The current Broncos defensive line is unacceptable.

I can’t argue with these picks, Miller should be a good pick, Rahim Moore and this Orlando were needed…

But if by some strange chance this is not the plan, then we have nothing short of Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb and the Duke of Dorchester running the Broncos front office and I will never let this trio hear the end of it.

Numby Chimes In…

Numby has some balls to say the Broncos “better have it right” picking Miller, Numby has no right to tell Elway and co. that they “better be right.” Numby wanted Patrick Peterson, a corner. Are you kidding me? The choice of Von Miller is ten times better than the choice of Patrick Peterson. At least this Miller will pressure the quarterback, at least he will be making plays at the line of scrimmage. Some joke that is, I suppose it would have been wonderful to have 80 millionĀ  plus tied up in cornerbacks.