Please vote for Quinn this time

The Denver Compost didn’t like the results of the last number two quarterback poll. Now they’re practically begging you to choose Brady Quinn this time after his incredible performance last night. Sorry, I didn’t see anything incredible about him. Mixed bag. Tipped passes here and there–an interception waiting to happen–as usual. Minus the one touchdown drive late, you could honestly say he didn’t play very well. ESPN enjoyed showing Quinn’s touchdown(only) followed by Tebow taking a sack, all with expert commentary by the great Mark Schlereth who probably pissed himself he was so happy.

It’s ridiculous whats going on in Denver and I don’t like it, not one bit. I am reality. You can’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining. I am the rock. I am unphased. It seems we are building our offense firmly on the Orton/Quinn model. Unspectacular. No intangibles. No dynamic abilities. Effective in practice, hell even preseason. Come the regular season it will crash and burn. Failure in the clutch. Sorry folks, preseason at home against the lowly Bills isn’t clutch.

I’ve seen the Orton show before. Wasn’t he good in preseason last year? Oh, didn’t he look like a professional? Oh yes he did. We were fifth in the league in passing yards last preseason. We actually managed to run the ball a little in preseason last year too. Seventh in total offense. Oh we were a juggernaut.

Got news for ya, yeah the Broncos may end up 2-0 to start the season, but the downward spiral will come soon after.

You’re not going to win a championship with Kyle Orton or Brady Quinn. They’re journeymen. Steady, unspectacular passers with no intangibles, no dynamic playmaking ability–especially you know, when it counts. I’ve seen the Orton show before in the preseason. I’ve seen it in the regular season. Same with Brady Quinn. I don’t care who he hired to help him out in the offseason.

We’ll see who the geniuses are when the regular season comes. I heard we’ll win ten plus games now. Isn’t that an amazing turnaround after one game? The confidence level is through the roof. Hey, that’s OK.

I ain’t buying it.

Oh yeah, and in two years the great Brady Quinn will probably be an NFL analyst, watch out Brian Griese.