I’m sure you know about the Dolphins debacle today where they signed the great Matt Moore, supposedly ending all trade talks with Orton. I heard the Broncos wanted Kevin Kolb type compensation and the Dolphins wanted to send us some Donovan McNabb ham sandwich in a bag compensation.

If  that’s the case, both sides were wrong. A third rounder, a good player or a fourth rounder and a player would have been fair compensation for Steve DeBerg… I mean Kyle Orton.

Chad Henne and Matt Moore? That’s a commitment to mediocrity.

So too are Rex Grossman, John Beck and Ben Chappell.

Honestly, I’m surprised the Redskins haven’t made a run at Kyle Orton.

Hell, I predict that if they don’t upgrade their QB situation this year, Mike Shanahan’s head coaching job is toast.

You’re gonna bank you’re career on a Grossman? Beck? What a laugh riot. At least Kyle Orton could save your job for a year or two while you draft a rookie quarterback.

Should be something to think about there Shanny.