I’ve been hearing people getting all pissed off writing to Peyton Manning on Twitter and otherwise.

Peyton Manning is blameless in this fiasco.

If Manning goes down behind our O-line due to a re-aggravated neck injury mid-season, it’s not Peyton Manning’s fault.

If the Broncos fail to make the playoffs this year it’s not Peyton Manning’s fault.

If the “Colts West” experiment doesn’t end with a Super Bowl in three years (by the way, does anyone actually think Manning will play out a FIVE year contract?)

It’s not Manning’s fault.

If this little experiment doesn’t work out — and I’m certainly not enthused — it’s not Manning’s fault.

Direct your attention to this man instead:

John Elway Tebow

"I want pocket passer.... eh... um.... duhhhh" "Win with Kyle duhhh"

Does anyone even consider the scenario where Tebow goes off and plays well and the Broncos Colts experiment doesn’t really pan out?

Talk about a disaster.