The more I read about the Broncos taking a quarterback in the second round this year, the more I dislike the idea.


Why the hell do we need to draft a quarterback right now?

We’ve already got a first round pick to evaluate at QB, plus we got a new head coach and we’re in a transition year.

This is a 4 and 12 team.

If Tim Tebow sucks, the Broncos will most likely pick in the top ten of next year’s draft. Hell, if Tebow sucks and God forbid we have some key injuries, we could damn well be in the running for the very first pick in the draft next year.

Why draft a second round QB now? If  they did draft a quarterback, they better damn well like this guy. I don’t want to waste a valuable second round pick on a career backup or someone who will be out of the league in two years.

If they really wanted to kick Tebow to the curb, they damn well better take a quarterback with that first pick. None of this second round nonsense. I don’t think it’s a good idea to draft a QB this year. Let Tebow start for a  a year, and if he sucks get a real quarterback with a top ten pick the following year.

I don’t think we will draft a quarterback this year, maybe in the later rounds as a backup. If there’s an offensive surprise pick in the early rounds I’ll bet its a big damn running back. I want defense, defense and more defense. I want two of those first three picks to be defensive linemen. Hell I demand two defensive linemen with the first three picks. Shanahan got burned in his Moss/Crowder draft, we reached then, but this draft is different, it has the potential to bolster our front seven for years to come. We can’t miss with the first pick, but we can’t miss with them other two in the second round either. Them are valuable picks and trading them to move up and take Jake Locker or a facsimile thereof would be a disgrace.