Not liking what I’m seeing in Denver. Not one bit.

The Denver Broncos have a first round QB who shows some upside, but they are committing to a quarterback who will be here for one year.

Anyone upset, anyone outraged about this has every right to be.

SI’s Jim Trotter:

First problem: Orton proceeded to kill it in practice, while Tebow struggled. Observers saw it, coaches saw it and, equally important, players saw it.


The great “stat-monster” Orton is GONE after this year. He’s done in Denver after this year. It’s not like his era was a great one. I said last year, a quarter of the way through the year I said you could bench this guy on merits alone. Third downs–sucked. Red zone–sucked. Play in the clutch–sucked. Games won–sucked.

When the Broncos are down two touchdowns it’s like climbing Mt. Everest just to tie the game with Orton at the helm. Horrible play in the clutch, when it counts. No ability to come back from behind. So limited as to what he can do on third downs it’s not even funny.

What are they thinking? What the hell are they thinking? This is a 4 and 12 team for crying out loud.

Are they playing some stupid game where they want to show other teams that he’s the starter? If it’s some kind of game, then the team is getting played, time to end now. If it’s not a game, hell that’s even worse.

I don’t care if Kyle Orton practices better. No one should. What an absolute joke. Kyle Orton has no dynamic qualities, he has no upside, Steve DeBerg would have beat out John Elway in his second year.

I keep hearing about John Fox and his conservative style, his run first offense and his great defense.

The 2010 Denver Broncos were 32nd in the league in total defense.

The 2010 Broncos were 26th in rushing yards.

I expect this team to be adequate running the football this year, adequate. An upgrade from poor, probably not even good.

Who knows about the defense, you can be sure it won’t be top ten though. A lot of new players and a 32nd ranked defense doesn’t get turned around in a jiffy.

As for “conservative offense” I don’t want to hear it. John Fox, if you’re calling the shots and you’re enamored with this practice wonder journeyman named Orton then you can take your “conservative” scheme and shove it right up your ass end.

I don’t care what Fox wants, I don’t care what he doesn’t want, he damn well better have an offense that can be dynamic with a 26th ranked rushing attack and a 32nd ranked defense.

I don’t care what Orton wants either. What do we owe Kyle Orton? What do the Denver Broncos owe Kyle Orton? How about not a thing. How about zero. Goose egg.

Kyle Orton is gone next year, he’s GONE. Simple as that. Plus he’s overpriced, as the most recent report on intelligently suggests. We are still giving Orton all the first team reps?

Get him gone, earth to Broncos, it’s time to end the Orton saga in Denver.

I hope Bowlen is reading this, he needs to put his foot down and right now. People are assuming that the Broncos will have some kind of great rushing attack this year that “Will allow Kyle Orton to flourish.”

You know what, I don’t even care if we did win a few extra games with Orton. I don’t care about this John Fox neither. I care about the future of this team, and the future ain’t with Steve DeBerg.

It better not be.

This is a joke. What a debacle. They need to do what Steve Young correctly said, you have to build an offense around Tebow, play to his strengths.

Instead, is the gameplan they’re putting in there some kind of dry, rote conservative philosophy where a one legged goat sits back in the pocket and dumps off a 5 yard pass here an there?

This team ain’t ready for ground and pound, this team ain’t controlling the time of possession, this team don’t have a top ten defense. If we had a top ten defense and we’re ready to go deep in the playoffs, then fine, start the unspectacular veteran. That’s not the case though, by a mile. Can this FO get through their heads that we’re coming off a 4 and 12 season and our veteran journeyman QB is only here for ONE year? One m%*^(^*ing year?

A dynamic force who can make things happen when (and surely when) the plays break down is what this team needs. Someone you have to worry about running or passing on crucial third downs is what this team needs. It needs to see what it can get out of its first round pick. It looks like we ain’t getting any of that either, what a joke.

Having Orton start, then failing and putting in Tebow mid-season is a joke too. How lame could you get?

Time to commit to our first round pick for a year and see what the deal is. It’s so plain to see, my God, what the hell are they doing out there?

If this team starts losing with Kyle Orton as the starter, the boos will rain down fast and firm. Fox and this front office will deserve every bit of it.

And I’ll be leading the charge. I will be making phone calls directly to the Broncos organization and flooding Elway’s twitter account. My hand is just and I will be ruthless. Hell, with my track record heads will roll. Shanahan, Huckdort, Marshall, Scheffler, hell even the very day after I turned on McDaniels and started calling him PeeWee he got the axe. I will run people right out of town. And they will deserve every last bit of it as long as this nonsense–investing the future in a journeyman QB for one year–ceases.