That’s some good posturing there, got to hand it to ol’ number 7 he’s doing an OK job so far.

Can't fool me

Listen up everybody, Orton's the starter, but we'll take a second, a third or a high fourth rounder for him. (AP Photo)

It’s smart to name Orton the starter right now, it’s good because we are obviously trading Kyle Orton once this CBA crap gets sorted out.

The Broncos suits should not play their hand and publicly grant Tebow the starting QB job right away. If you’re going to trade someone, it’s wise to act like they’re still integral to your team.

The Kyle Orton era is over in Denver.

Yes, I defended him and yes it was the most intelligent option to start Orton over a rookie and a clipboard holder this season.

Orton struggles in the red zone, struggles on third down; he is nonathletic and he is an uninspiring leader.

Orton is a journeyman and he will have a long career in this league. He will play for some team with a good supporting cast and maybe he’ll make a playoff run or two before his career is over.

Wherever Orton goes, that team will eventually acquire a rookie quarterback who will wait in the wings to take his job. He will probably play for two or three more teams in the next seven years.

It is a big, big mistake if Kyle Orton is starting for the Denver Broncos in 2011. He’s not a terrible quarterback, but he is not the answer in Denver.

It’s Tebow Time,  no doubt about it. If you don’t like it, then you better learn to love it. Tebow is the dynamic force this team needs, his leadership and abilities should be embraced by the Denver Broncos.

I don’t even want to see a quarterback competition unfold between Orton and Tebow this offseason. This offseason I want the head coach and offensive coordinator to put in place a system that plays to Tebow’s strengths. I agree with Steve Young, put in an offense that plays to Tebow’s strengths and he can be successful in this league.

Tim Tebow

The season ended, just as it was getting good. (Getty Images)

Anyone crapping on Tebow’s performance in those last three games, anyone who didn’t come away with either a good or neutral assessment of that rookie doesn’t deserve to be heard. He played well for a rookie, he did not look shell shocked out there–not once, not one bit. The “throwing motion” argument will die, it’s stupid and I was guilty of buying into it somewhat around the draft last year. After watching Tebow’s first two preseason performances I knew the “throwing motion” argument was turd. That’s right, turd. Take a paper bag, throw a couple turds in it, maybe a dingleberry or two–wrap it up good and throw it in the woods. Throw it in the woods, cause it sucks. It sucks, and it smells. This nonsense about the throwing motion, you got that Dildy Trent Dilfer harping on one preseason play where Tebow was pressured and someone hit his arm. One *^*%in play? What a joke. These people are stuck on stupid. They’re stuck on stupid because A) they hate Tebow personally, or B) they get paid a whole lot of money to be right and they can’t or won’t admit they were wrong.

Protecting the ball, converting on third down and scoring in the red zone is what matters. Screw percentages, screw stats, screw this whole “4.7 speed is too slow to be a threat” nonsense. Winning games and scoring touchdowns is what matters, I don’t care how he does it.

I believe Tim Tebow can be like Michael Vick. He’s not there yet, but the potential is evident and not some half-baked delusion. As of right now, Tebow is just as effective as Orton, but in a different way, which translates to: Sayonara Orton.

Last, but not least, I was holding back a bit, but now I’m not.

Orton, most assuredly, does not look right. It’s the truth, I know.

I cut him some slack for a while, but he don’t look right, and he never did.

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