I’m jaded, downright jaded with this offseason, it sucks. I’m tired of all the speculation, I’m ready for the draft and it can’t get here soon enough.

This Elway dumping on our quarterbacks and talking about drafting one, well it’s OK. It’s OK if he’s telling other teams drafting in the top ten: “If you want a QB, talk to the Broncos at pick #2.”

On the other hand, if Elway and Co. were really, truly thinking of drafting a QB in the first round, well then somebody needs to get their ass beat.

They need to get some sense knocked into them. I’m sure its a smokescreen though, but the idea of drafting a quarterback in the second round may be a real one. If we took one in the second round then Brady Quinn is most certainly gone. Orton should be gone too, but that all depends on this absolutely stupid CBA nonsense. Both sides of this CBA sucks but the players side and what their representatives have been saying sucks a little more. If this CBA don’t go through for a long time, we may be forced to hang on to Orton longer than we’d like to. I still do not believe he should start, what a mistake. He shouldn’t start even if we are forced to keep him. For crying out loud it’s a 4 and 12 team. The time for a wholesale change, a new direction is now.

We may very well take a QB in the second round. Brady Quinn most likely does not have a future in Denver. Kyle Orton does not have a future in Denver.

Taking a QB in the second round is no big slap at Tebow like that loser John Clayton is trying to say. Taking a QB in the second round isn’t an indictment on Tebow–plenty of second rounders don’t d0 jack–taking a QB in the first round is. If you’re gonna replace Tebow, do it with the second overall pick, don’t mess around. We will need to bring in a QB anyways when Orton and Quinn go, why not take a chance in the draft? In the second round that is. Tebow should start this year, he will have every opportunity to be the starter, this second round QB we pick is merely insurance. It’s insurance if Tebow doesn’t work out and that’s not a bad thing to have.

I stand by my top three draft picks : Fairley, Bowers and Dareus. I don’t care about Bowers being dinged up right now, I know what he can do, I know his production on the field. They said the same things about Terrell Suggs before the draft, I ain’t buying that he’s shot. I have a good feeling about John Fox and defensive lineman, I believe he’ll steer us in the right direction with that top pick. While I will approve of the Broncos taking Dareus, I’m even higher on Fairley and Bowers. Between a sure thing and a gamble at greatness, I want the guys with the highest ceiling. I want greatness and I want to sack the quarterback on a level hitherto never before seen.