Hey guy. Shanhan get fire. The john gruden chucky get fire, the eric mangenial get fire. There is fire fall from sky. Now the arizona cardinats are in souper bowl guy. I think this is sure signed that end time is come.

I hope arizona win. I know cardinalt is weak bird, but they not win souperbowl so I hope they do. I cannot beleef the ben rothenberger. what give. I beleef this guy hex voodoo his footballs guy. He weafe crazy magics on these footballs. I remembr in afc chanpionshiop game the steeler beated the bronco and all kind of our defence corn backs drop pict off balls. Should have been pict off. The chanp baley drop touch down pict off. Dropped pict off in end zone. Now the ravens drop all kind of should be pict offs you know what I saying. What give, this guy should be look into by leegue. I serious guy, this guy is throw hot potatos out there all day guy. I think he put butter fingered spell on fotballs.

The broncos singed mike Mcoy for they offence coordinat but guy people say he not gon call the plays so he just mulled around. Maybe he makey pizza for team, I not know. What do as offence coordinat when not scripft play or call play? Hey guy, maybe I can do this job. I could make pizza for evry body. It would be cool. But not when the linemen wanted pizza cause they eat fifty pizza you know what I saying. the clady probable eat fifty hawaii pizza he self. it would best to make pizza for bronco cheerleader theystarve to make for littel waist I bet they stomach is pea size.

I wonder what shanhan is do now. I bet he feed he goats and look to sunset of new day. Goat not look at he side ways you know what I say. They not all crazy like that. I miss the shanhan but it time for new and is excite to see all what change especial the 3 4 defence if that happen and new player with skemes.

I only have one worry so far about the josh mcadniels.

o hey guy

o hey guy

He lady girl friend is super pritty. I watched conan barbariat enough time to know this can hurt he on field of battle. It like tony roman in dallas he have has the jessica sinfsond. She make he get all kind of pict off, he loose all he focused, she make he leg weak. I wonder when if it afc chanpionship and bronco is down by 14 in third quart and it snow and rain and typhoon and it minus 5 degree and this guy throw in towel, he say guy, I makey millons of dollar, I so cold, so hunger, I just want to go home with lady by fire you know what I saying guy. He may say guy, they not pay me enough to be out in this cold I want at home with lady eat the hot macaroni cheese is so much beter.

I not know what to call this guy. He could be the great cornholio but he not great yet, he not deserve this incredulous name yet.  shanhan was little genral. Maybe this guy is little mac. Little mac was in nintendo super punched out. Mike tyson punched out game. Little mac defeat all the giant boxer if you were good at game/