"You see that incomplete pass by 15?"

Getting sick and tired of the stupid quotes coming out of Dove Valley. Tired of the negative quotes from Broncos alumni–I happen to think they’re all in cahoots.

First you have the horse toothed jackasses Elway and Sharpe. Elway still spouting off about “pocket passing,” he’s starting to sound like a deranged parakeet over there.

Ruffled feathers? Christ John, the kid played a solid game and we just beat the Raiders in their building.

But oh no, you better complete over 50% of the passes or it’s time to put in Brady Quinn.

You mean if Eddie Royal and Eric Decker didn’t each drop a pass then the magical equation would be reached and all would be right with the world?

What a load. What a crock. What was Elway’s completion percentage in his first year? 47%?

How many picks did Elway throw in his first year? Eh? Seven touchdowns to fourteen picks? Fourteen team killing, game killing picks?

You mean to tell me Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Joe Montana could get those mediocre 1980’s Broncos teams to the Super Bowl just as well as John Elway? The One man gang?

What a crock. Elway, you were a pocket passer only when the team around you afforded you the opportunity to be one.

Eh there Sharpe and Elway? You think the pocket passer Brady Quinn is gonna save the season? You think he’s some kind of safety net? Better think again.

What’s with this short leash crap anyways. This week-to-week nonsense.

How about backing the team’s starting quarterback? Oh yeah, we blew that starting in training camp.

Mark Schlereth, Alfred Williams, Elway, Sharpe–all in cahoots. Making stupid remarks, marginalizing the kid all year long. Thanks Broncos alumni. Maybe they’re all worried this kid is casting a shadow over them, scared their fame will wane in Denver.

Oh yeah, and that Schlereth? He was for Tebow before he was against him.

Worse possible thing that can happen is putting Brady Quinn in there. Mark my words, mark my words:

1. He will get hammered behind that offensive line.

2. He will complete a few more passes but he will throw more interceptions.

The season is complete toast if Quinn goes in. That’s nothing against him personally, it’s fact based on his play in this league for years.

Like I said, this team can’t even afford to field an immobile pocket passer back there right now, I said 6-10 with Kyle Orton, but 7-9, 8-8 with Tebow. 8-8 because the kid can avoid the rush at times and do things with his legs to upset a few teams.

Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn, the incredible immobile pocket passers, they are duck soup out there behind our O-line. Duck Soup.

They were ready to put in Quinn… I say, “What the hell is the rush?” “What is there to gain?”

What have Fox and Friends been saying about their recent game plan with Tebow in there? Eh?

“A work in progress?” “Still figuring it out?”

Still figuring out the offense? Then why the &$^$ is there such a rush to bench the kid? What a joke.

Mike Klis on the Shotgun:

I’ve been a football fan my entire life, and yet I realized today that I have never gotten a good answer to the following question: why is it so important for an NFL QB to take most of their snaps under center? Tebow is clearly more comfortable in the shotgun, and is years away from getting as comfortable as the best current QBs. I can’t think of a single throw you couldn’t make from the shotgun, including the “three-step-drop” quick throws, since it would be a no-step-drop throw in the shotgun. The running game doesn’t seem in jeopardy in the shotgun, since you can put backs on either side of the QB. What am I not getting?
—Jim, Mendocino, Calif.

You know your stuff, Jim, but you might not quite be getting the running game, or play-action pass off the running game.

Contrary to what Josh McDaniels tried to sell here, there’s no way a team runs the ball from the shotgun as well as it does from under center. It’s physics. A running back gets the ball from a standing start when the quarterback is in the shotgun. The tailback gets a running start when the quarterback backs up from center for the hand off. At least I think that’s physics.

We just ripped off nearly 300 yards on the Raiders running out of the shotgun. Sorry Klis.

I don’t know why the Broncos are married to the idea of the QB taking snaps from center so much anyways. Matthew Stafford’s Lions sure put a whoopin on us a week ago–from the shotgun.

Plus,  that spread option we’ve been running, I hear a lot of people saying it isn’t going to work in the future. I suppose they can tell the future. How about a third option: faking the handoff, Tebow faking the run and then stepping back and throwing down field.

Oh wait, I almost forgot, the kid can’t play and the kid can’t throw. Scratch that one.

Media: Mostly Crickets heard after Tebow plays well.

You can tell the losers out there in the press, they get silent after Timmy plays well. Jump all over him when he sucks, then just turn around and don’t report or report some half assed, lukewarm assessment if he manages to have a decent game.

The initial AP report after the game this Sunday said this: Tebow finished 10 for 21 for 124 yards, but didn’t need to do much on a day Denver ran for 298 yards.

What a laugh. That summary was featured on SI, ESPN, CBS front page news to name a few.

They’ve since changed it.

Wishful thinking I suppose.