They know, they freakin’ know. This tired buffoon doesn’t:

Woody Paige Denver Broncos Numby

Probably fresh off a whiskey bender and recovering in a dull brown Snuggy, Mr. Genius says we ought to start Tebow if we “Want a winning season.”

McDaniels had the guts to pick Tebow, but not the nerve to start him immediately.


Even the buffoons at Madden, who constantly downgrade the Broncos at every turn. Oh yeah, they got a Broncos bias, it takes a Superbowl winning Broncos team to get any respect over there. Nevertheless, they get the Tebow thing right. Timmy Teebs is automatically set to run special packages in the game with a run/pass option. Everyone should know what this Tebow brings to the table, he’s done it his whole career, but strangely they don’t.

Like I’ve said time and time again, he’s gonna be running more than he passes. For the foreseeable future he’s Timmy “the Gadget” Tebow. Tebow the starting pure pocket passer is a project that may take year(s) and may never even pan out.

Insane fans who buy the Tebow sneakers for 399 on eBay, now don’t you worry, there will still be time to cheer when Friar Timothy runs into the endzone on goal line duty. McDaniels is a genius and I think he realizes the boost Teebs will give us just by coming out there and running a play. Lame fans pawning off their tickets to Steeler and Raiders fans? People booing the quarterback? Well, trotting this Teebs¬† out there will get the house rocking in favor of the Broncos.

Hey, I’d like nothing more than Tebow turning into a bigger, crazier version of Steve Young (minus the eggshell head), but I know reality. I am reality for God’s sake. I ain’t gonna try and blow a bunch of smoke up the rear ends of astute readers seeking Broncos information. I ain’t gonna lead you into a ditch with my awe-inspiring, devastating prognostications. Unlike that Numby, who ain’t even serious, just throws out crap he probably heard from some palooka mumbling in a bar.

Start Tebow now? What a joke. You want 3 and 13 for real? Start Tebow now. This Numby at the Denver Post is a disgrace and he ought to be fired, conduct detrimental to the team time and time again. He’s misleading people over there and doing the Denver community a disservice.

As the starter, Tebow would give the franchise hope, national relevance

Yeah Numby, let’s trade “hope” and “national relevance” for a 3 and 13 record. I guess Numby’s pushing hard for a top ten pick next year.

A Word on Orton

Orton is the man until someone beats him out, plain and simple, and the number two and three quarterbacks on our roster are well behind. Orton came to the Broncos and performed pretty well in a brand new, complex scheme that supposedly takes three years to master. Our losses weren’t “all because Orton,” last year.The team as a whole farted in that late season stretch. 3rd and 25 in the Eagles game? Defense couldn’t make a play. 4th and 10 against the Raiders with Jamarcus the Hutt? Defense couldn’t make a play to seal the deal once again. The blame goes all around, defense wore down, critical dropped passes, interior offensive line wore down–it sucked all around.

Orton played two very poor games where he got picked twice for touchdowns. Other than that, he did pretty well for us. 3 and 13 would have been reality last year if we didn’t have Orton. He is very accurate, give him time to throw and he’ll pick teams apart. Ask the Patriots. He needs a running game–just like any quarterback–to excel and we didn’t have that last year. We ran OK, but when it counted, when we needed to bleed the clock, when we needed tough yards we got stuffed time and time again. We got abused through the interior of our O-line, people realized our interior line wore down and was the weak point of the Denver offense after that Baltimore game. We had defensive tackles killing our running backs for a loss in the backfield and sacking our quarterback for God’s sake.

People moan about Orton not being able to throw the long ball, I think he can and will more this year. It’s a timing and personnel thing. Who did we have as a real downfield threat last year? Nobody? This year we got this Thomas and that Lloyd has stepped up and looks to have some deep threat potential out there. We’ve got speed this year at wide receiver that we didn’t have last year. Interestingly, it was that Lloyd who caught some deeper passes in that Chiefs game last year–throws people said Orton couldn’t make.¬† Last year, it seemed like we never called any plays specifically to go deep–that’s what you need to do. We had Orton out there looking short, then by the time one of our receivers had some separation downfield, it was too late–it turned into a jump-ball. No Orton doesn’t have a gun for an arm, but throwing to a primary receiver who can get separation will make a difference.

We also need a better running game than last year, we need to be able to run when it counts. Yes, there were a lot of three and outs last year–it wasn’t all on Orton. Our running game was sub-par and since we mostly dink and dunked for passing yardage, one dropped ball absolutely killed drives. McDaniels also claimed there were a lot of mistakes in terms of route running last year and said the performance of the offense as a whole in the offseason was “night and day,” compared to last year. With injuries, with the young players our offense could struggle early on, and while some sea cucumbers may chant “Start Tebow Now,” the experience and the accuracy of Orton is our best chance for winning games this year.

Orton is a Winner