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Why would Denver let defensive coordinator Mike Nolan leave?

On the surface, this mutually agreed departure looks a little fishy, but in reality, it was best for both parties. Nolan wanted an opportunity to secure employment for himself in case there was a work stoppage, and the Broncos wanted to make sure they had coaches who wanted to be on staff. Sometimes change is good for both sides. Naysayers might look at Nolan’s departure to the Dolphins as a slap in head coach Josh McDaniels’ face, but I don’t.

McDaniels is a head coach, not just a play caller, which is why I think he’s going to win big in Denver. Most Broncos fans are skeptical about the strategy he employs, but for me, McDaniels clearly knows where he’s doing and knows the best course of action to take along the way. He must transform the Broncos into his team, and in spite of the initial progress they showed last season, it’s going to take time. It’s going to take him being involved in all three phases of the game to get them to behave and play the way he envisions. Losing Nolan allows McDaniels to become more involved with the whole team and lets Nolan obtain the security he wants. I really believe this is a win/win for both.

Now that’s some straight shootin’ Mr. Michael Lombardi.

By the way, we’re getting this guy?
Eric Studesville
Great acquisition, we seem to have gotten tougher already. Won’t be fun fumbling and coming back to that sideline, that’s for damn sure.

I keep seeing morons throwing out these flawed statistics from 08′ Numbnuts and his buddies from the Post keep spewing out there. Notice that Numbnuts trying to smear McDaniels left and right? Numbnuts is acting like someone’s thoroughly flailing and dejected ex-girlfriend. Mad as hell no one will even look at her.

Flawed. Huckdort Cutler and the utterly miraculous 2007-08 Denver Broncos never won anything. Thoroughly mediocre and overrated led by Huckdort and Marshall. All those stats are a bunch of crap, we didn’t win anything. Our defense sucked royally, and Huckdort was out there playing catchup constantly and failing miserably more times than not.

Them Numby’s at the Post are crying over the “glorious” Broncos offense in 2008, what a joke. They ain’t nothing to be proud of. More like an embarrassment led by a gooned out pick throwing overrated Huckdort.

We are heading in the right direction, it can’t be turned around fully in one year. This year it will be Josh McDaniels team. Also, can’t believe these goobers coming out of the woods saying our 09 draft class is a bust. I suppose it’s common knowledge that you judge a draft completely after one year. I suppose we should cut them the way these fools are talking. Would’ve love to see how these morons graded Elway his first year.