I don’t know why we’re trying to sign Champ Bailey to a new contract.

Can't fool me

Listen up everybody, we're letting Bailey walk, plus Orton's the starter, but we'll take a second, a third or a high fourth rounder for him. (AP Photo)

I suppose Elway is showing the fans the Broncos “are doing all they can” to try and resign him, I guess that’s OK.

Let’s face it, giving a big multi-year contract to a 33 year old cornerback isn’t wise for the Broncos, but it is wise for a team on the cusp of a Super Bowl.

The current offer of four years and forty million is reasonable. If we could sign Champ Bailey to a reasonable offer then fine, but we’re not gonna break the bank for him. We better not.

This Broncos team has other needs, this team needs a Champ Bailey in the front seven.

We’ve had Champ Bailey for six years and it didn’t quite work out. During the Shanahan vs. the Colts years I suppose Shanny figured Champ could shut down a number one receiver, which in turn would help all the other defensive backs do a better job of “covering the other guys.” It never really worked.

For a decade, the Achilles heel of the Denver defense has been an inability to sack or put pressure on the quarterback. Elvis Dumervil is a good start, but we need more than Dumervil. For years I have been saying we need someone to complement him, we need someone on the defensive line that teams must also worry about. We don’t have that, and I don’t want to hear about “Robert Ayers”–we can’t count on him developing into a pass rushing threat. He gets some pressure and he’s good against the run, his pass rushing skills leave a lot to be desired.

You can avoid a Champ Bailey. How many picks did Bailey have this year? Last year?

“But he shuts down one side of the field.”

To that I say: “So what?”

So what. The Broncos defense sucks. It has sucked for years.

Now I see a bunch of sea cucumbers claiming we better sign Patrick Peterson to take over for Champ Bailey. You’ve got to be kidding me.

What do those people want? More of the same? I guess it’s genius to tie up a bunch of money in a cornerback who may or may not ever be as good as Champ Bailey.

The Denver Broncos don’t need Champ Bailey the cornerback. They need a Champ Bailey in the front seven.

The Broncos are switching to a 4-3 defense and they are taking the best available defensive lineman with the second pick in the draft.

The second pick in the 2011 draft, the second pick in a draft deep with defensive lineman… should we be overjoyed if they take a cornerback with that second pick? Are you kidding me?

I don’t care if we lose Champ Bailey. He will go off to a contender and the Broncos will free up money. We can sign a free agent corner, or we can draft a corner in the second round if we really wanted to. If Perrish Cox was indeed coming back next year, I wouldn’t even worry about the Broncos cornerback situation. Goodman is good enough, Cox played well for a rookie, Syd’Quan looks promising.

Defensive linemen who can rush the quarterback and defend against the run come at a premium in this league. When you’re in position to draft a player like that, you do it. You do it especially if you’re the Broncos.

Good luck trying to acquire a player like that through free agency. You’ll pay out the ass and then some. More often then not, those elite defensive lineman are franchised and or signed to enormous contracts–for a good reason.

Elway should know what stops an Elway, it sure ain’t a cornerback.

We’re moving to the 4-3 and you notice that Da’Quan Bowers plays the opposite side of the line from Dumervil? Ayers/Dumervil on first down, Bowers/Dumervil on the rest. That’s a defensive line rotation for you. Or Fairley, or even Dareus if you like him better.

The Broncos will go in a new direction on defense, you don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

The Broncos could keep doing the same thing and get stuck on stupid, just like that Horvil Tiki… I heard he got arrested and that’s why he ain’t been around. Good riddance, maybe he did something bad enough that he’ll be gone for good.

Some people never learn.