1. The coach isn’t going anywhere.

I hate to break it to some of yous, but we’re not firing Josh McDaniels. Not yet, and I absolutely doubt we’ll fire him even at the end of this season. I say he gets one more year. One more draft, one more shot at bringing some people in with free agency. 2011 will be the make or break year for Josh McDaniels as head coach. If next year goes down as a failure, then he’ll get fired and he’ll be an offensive coordinator somewhere for five years and maybe get a shot at a head coaching job again after that. You can call it a failure to prepare or what not, but even Mike Shanahan fielded incomplete Broncos teams during his last few seasons. They did some things right and some things wrong, showed up for some games and disappeared in others. Same crap different day. Which brings me to number two:

2. There’s a lot wrong with this team in key areas.

The Broncos running game sucks and it all begins up front. Some people cheered when we resigned Chris Kuper. I wondered why, and figured the Eagles game last year was an anomaly. That was the game where I saw Kuper get picked up and thrown by an Eagles defender. Unbelievable, and no, I was correct: Kuper is a backup. Daniels or whoever we have on the other side at guard is a backup too. We have two guards who are backups. We also have two rookies on the offensive line who are inconsistent, as rookies normally are. We need road graters at the guard position, guys who are run first pas block second. I’m not worried about the talent at running back, a more talented back isn’t going to change anything for us running the ball. I do, however want to see a larger running back replace Correll Buckhalter–he’s too injury prone, doesn’t do enough and we need a big back in short yardage.

The Broncos lost Elvis Dumervil for the season and they also lost Robert Ayers for quite a few games. By losing these two players to injury they lost their entire pass rush. No one else on this team is a threat rushing the passer. Ayers, while not on the level of a Dumervil was the only defender getting consistent pressure out there. I don’t want to see Jarvis Moss on the team next year. Jason Hunter is OK–as a backup. The defense breaks down in the second half of games and I believe it isn’t helped one bit by an offense that continually goes three and out and fails to maintain any drives in the first half. No excuses for some of these breakdowns, but our defense is good not great and we ask too much of them. Actually, it’s a very average defense without Dumervil and Ayers out there. I think inside linebacker, a talented defensive end and a safety for the future are team needs next year. With a few upgrades it can be a good enough defense when healthy, but they ain’t there yet nor are they healthy.

3. Too many penalties, mistakes, undisciplined play.

Yeah, some of this is on the coaching. However, it was the same story in Shanahan’s last couple years here. Same crap different day. Penalties and self inflicted mistakes have been plaguing the Broncos for the last few years now. I don’t know that a head coaching change would be a quick fix, maybe some position and personnel changes. We’re young in many areas, oft injured and the starting player turnover has been very high.

I will say this. Those of you who want Josh McDaniels head on a platter–you ain’t getting it this year. Maybe we shuffle some position coaches, but the Hoodie Jr. gets at least another year.

4. This team needs competition at the quarterback position next year.

All the statistics and all the quarterback ratings in the world don’t matter to me one bit. Wins, our offense converting on third downs and touchdowns matter. This team’s offense has been sucking and part of that is on Kyle Orton. He’s been struggling to move the offense early in games, struggling in key third down situations and misfiring in the red zone. Take today’s game against the 49ers, Orton did a great job in the third quarter didn’t he? Well where was he in the first quarter? The second? Multiple three and outs and zero points on the board at the half? Not even a drive for a field goal?  Sixteen points all game? Stats out the ass and only fourteen points in these games? I’m sick and tired of it.

Some people are missing the point when it comes to criticism of Kyle Orton. Yes, Kyle Orton is playing well overall. Kyle Orton has been playing pretty well this year and most of last year in fact. All of that “playing well” talk matters absolutely nothing when you’re not scoring points. I don’t care that Kyle Orton is playing well. I don’t care what Orton’s stats are. Kyle Orton could throw three interceptions per game with a passer rating of 50, and you know what? I wouldn’t care one bit as long as we’re scoring points and winning games.

Some people believe it’s ludicrous to start Tim Tebow anytime soon. I say we damn well better start him after the next loss. This team is not making the playoffs and one more loss probably makes it one hundred percent official. Some people say Tebow’s not ready, they say we shouldn’t get him injured out there. Are you kidding me? He’s already running with the damn football, this kid better be ready to take NFL lumps. He’s gonna have to sometime. Better to start him in a year where we’re not doing jack squat. Better to bench Orton in a year where he has absolutely nothing to prove to us or anyone else. Couple more points: We probably won’t have any real quarterback competition next year unless Tebow gets actual NFL game experience. If we don’t give Tebow a shot in these meaningless games we also won’t quite know whether we should draft a quarterback next year or not. We’ll be picking high–is the kid we have promising or just special package material?

Let’s see what he’s got and give him some invaluable experience in a crap year, otherwise I want to use that damn high pick on a legitimate quarterback. I’ve lost some faith in Kyle Orton. He’s not clutch, he fails to inspire and when its third down, when its red zone time and the defense stiffens up and clamps down he isn’t getting it done.  The bottom line is this: We are not winning games or scoring points with Kyle Orton quarterbacking this offense no matter how well he is playing. Period.

I don’t care how well he is playing. I don’t care what his quarterback rating is. We are not winning games and we are not scoring points.

Some people say its crazy to bench Orton, I say you can make a legitimate case to do so even right now. Ten points, fourteen points, sixteen points? It’s unacceptable. We’re not firing the coach this year, we’re not going to bench the offensive line, but somebody has to be accountable for not scoring points and that somebody should be the leader of the offense. Orton isn’t playing too badly, and if we were 4 and 4 right now this wouldn’t even cross my mind. But we’re not scoring points and we’re not winning games. Starting Tebow after the next loss also doesn’t say all that much about Kyle Orton. I don’t care if Tebow absolutely lights it up out there. It would say a whole lot about the quarterback competition next year–we will know whether it’s actually a legitimate competition or not. If we don’t start Tebow after the next loss, we better get him in there more and get him throwing. If not, talk about a wasted season going forward and wasted opportunity for a quarterback we picked in the first round.


Happy Halloween. Watch out for razorblades in the Reeses. Never understood that one. I’ve smashed 146 pumpkins on Halloween night. Egged people, cars and houses, ruined lawn ornaments, sent large pumpkins flying out the window of a car going downhill so they roll, gain steam and slam straightway into the sides of some poor sap’s house going about 90 MPH… I’ve done some things in my time as a Dark Ninja of the Depths, but I’ll never put garbage in a kid’s candy on Halloween. Are you *%(&*in me? You gotta be an absolute sick, depraved loser on the level of a degenerated sea slug to go down that road.