Hey guy I not get much sleep/ Head is foggy like murky bog. I think it was the reese peanut butter egg so lately. There was deer in yard he jump all around like some kind of corny fool then take off into wood.I say take off guy go eat leaf some where else. Stop mess around and wake up tiki. You know when they is around they leave they all kind of pellet turd evry where I not stupid idot guy i can see this. dog Punjib see this all day. I bet he could catch deer if he had long range to do this he almost get squirel real bad. lady say he is deer chi evenn,. I call they rader squirel cause they hoard they over price nuts and try to trash talk but it come out real corny.

The redskin get they Albet Hanesworth guy, they pay out they hind quart for this guy. I glad the bronco not break they bank so much. They pay this guy 100 millon dollar over seven year, 100 millon dollars guy. I wish I could call up the albet haneworth and say hey guy, can I has one millon dollar? It like drop in bucket to he I bet.

The adam scheffer, the adam scheffer guy this guy know all kind of uyou informationals first. How does he do this. Is he the telepatic powers? I swear some thing is up with this guy. I bet he just sit with he phone to ear all day. Does he know the tony scheffer? Any way he say the Bronco is have visit with the Jabar gaffney of the new eggland wide receives. He say the bronco is interest of the derrick ward run back of the giant. He seem like a cool run back. But lot of other team want he too. You mite think the giant albino bronco crab would be giant fan because they is close to water and they the giant but this not the case guy. not at all.  He say mike noland gon try to get the ronnie feild nose takkle of the 49er too.

I still not ecxited guy, come on where is free agent splashed. Where is the bockbuster trade. Lets go holems got to get you defence in gear. Got to hone you defence roster.