Here we go holmes. It free agent begin. Come on guy lets go broncos got to be first. Got to be firdst or player you want get snatched up. Bronco has all kind of monies even more now because the lewis green did not makey his bonuses so that extra 4 millon dollar. I wish I had just one millon dollar. I could ask bronco cheerleader for date. Or I could final make retire home for bronco cheerleader where she can eat all she want watch all the tv, all of them with directional tv satelite and sit on hind quart and not worry about for to make little waist any more.

I is up all nite guy, all nite. I wait for to see who we get. DO they make the free agents sines in middle of nite? I hope they do or I is in for real boaring time. Grandfather heared on he ham radio that giant albino bronco crab done stealed some ones tj hooshmanzadda football guy. Oh he gon love that football. He probable put that next to he marshal faulk football now. Who ever loosed they hooshmanzaddah football to he you got to take care of you stuff you know what I say. You cant leave out and not expect bronco albino crab to take that football guy.

Long time ago I throwed nerf football with grandfather in connectcut feild there and it go into these tree bushes. We look for like hour guy and it not there. Grandfather say bronco albino crab get it. He say dont keep look or giant albino crab get mad. He say if you see giant albino crab do not look at he side ways. if he trash talk you just keep move guy. Dont even try to trash talk back.

I wonder some time why albino crab become fan of the denver and not other corny team nearer to ocean. Grandfather say he is always mental prepare. Bronco was not mental prepare for some foul games this season guy. Bronco albino crab is always mental sound. He always on he game and never fumbel. Not even the larence tayler could come and spike ball from behind he. He never fumbel. no. I wonder what kind of smack down talk the bronco albino crab say? I never heared it. I bet it like the shannon sharp evry one say he do this all day.