Well hopefully this Studaville will give Timmy Teebs a much needed rest. It’s only fair to give Brady Quinn a shot at starting QB–I hear he’s chomping at the bit to get out there and prove himself a capable NFL backup.

I still want that second pick in the draft.

I want options, I want the Broncos to have their choice of top defenders to pick at that number two spot.

I was watching that Da’Quan Bowers yesterday and barring injury, that man will be a starter in this league for many years. I can’t say that he’ll be great, but I don’t see bust written anywhere on that guy.

If they do start Tebow, maybe he’ll throw a few dorts for us out there this week–let the Warren Sapp’s and the Dan Marino’s have their little Tebow hate-fest this offseason. The highest possible pick in the draft is more important to this ailing team than going 5 and 11 this year.