The corey boyt, this guy I hoped would help us late in season cause he looked good in colleghe banging up all kind of corny fools but he cut and the bronco did not sign the tated bell, the michael pittmans and the ader hall. That is kind of foul cause I like the way the ader hall runned he was like bowling ball force. The michael pittman too. I hopeful for they family they find new green pasture like shanhan probable do for now tend he goats in green fields of the denver.

I remember when ader the giant from wwf say he go tend he goat on farm caus they not look at he sideways like most corny fool.

The cutsper gives up 100 000 dollars guy, come on custper you should show up and then give the 100 000 dollar to me so I can put down payment on the bronco cheerleader retire home where they can sit and eat all kind of pizza and chip and not have to worry any more about make for little waist in off seasnoal.

I think the custfler will come back soon if not he gone guy. I think he will come back but it just gon be real firey all kind of thing they gon look at the custper the mcdanels all day. I sick of hear about it already but they always gon comparative the custper to casstle from chef and that will be foul because I had enough of the tony cornfisen on espn saying all things about the bret farfe when that happen. it like the custper is the new farfe for they only he younger and that is kind of corny.