Hey guy wehat go on I very sorry for no magic bag last week granfather not do well but now he is better so thgat is cool. The bronco defence get tiki torch guy it could will even go to other guys but they was like light out against the charger that was crazy. We not usual stop the charger like that guy you know what I saying normal the antionian gate run like crazy and destroy on third down bomb but the denver defence have none of this guy. none. The defence play like mad crazy fools with firey blitz pocket coolapse you know what I saying. I think the tebote done plucked the norf turnep once and for all guy he is all done in foul rotted manewer bag of rotted turneps.

Norv Turner Fired

Tebote pluck rotted norf turnip

Granfather did shoot the pea when guy was kicking for san deigo and it worked guy it worked again. the pea from shooter is very powerful weapon against corny kicker. the kicker was peeing on side line guy what up with that. I think he was scared of what the tebote was about to going to do you know what I saying. that ewas messed up it was like take off guy you look sorry on side line doing such foul urinatng thing.