hey guy what go on. I fell asleep after second bronco pic. I felt like hoge weight off shoulder. I fell asleep guy. Who is alphoso smith. He look like the darrent willam guy 5 feet 9 but pic you off all day.

The darrent willam would pict guy off real bad, like you could hear ball hit he hand. So like evreybody know what happen. It was the surely pict off guy. No queston it was pict off. This alphoso look like he done pict off a lot of football guy. that is cool if he can be like the pict off force.

The ayer guy is guy that we need. someo big mad fool up fromt who can smash you run back. we need the defense end guy. He look cool like he will be the defence end upgrade for us. He can stand up and be line back they say too on out side.

I was so surely we was gon get the Orakpo guy. With first pict/ I was ready to reite that you house just get orakpo’d but they pict the knowshont morenote. I cannot beleef this guy. This guy is like best run back in draft. He come from the terrel davis kind of school. he have same helmet like he did. and he get all kind of yard after fall down.

Like so many time, I watch the terrel davies in old times and it look like he just run for like 8 yard and it was like 25 yard guy. he fall forward all day. If this guy can do this that would be pretty cool guy. And he catched you football. all sudden the peyted hillis and this guy in you back field is like real cool holmes. you know what I saying.

I wonder about line back. but then I think we got the andrad davis the dj willam the elvis doomvil the boss baley the spenced larsend guy the wesly woodard and the reed guy and this ayer guy and moss and crowederd all seem want to play line back so there is competetive.

Then lot of guy say we need the ron bace, the nose tackel yes, but bronco could have take he when moved up but they not take he I think they are high on some body guy. like the feilds guy or marco thonmas.

I happy we have morenote guy he is like the excite player. Defence guy sell card on ebay for like fifty cent even if he sine it. But the good run back card is like so cool it go way up in valued if he good player. I want card of the morenote guy you know what i saying. I like how he run with powreful smash. and peyrted the hammer hillis do this too so it like one two smash punch all day and one can be fresh to smash alway.