Hey guy I learnt about this late. Why did we get this guy. Is it because the scheffer is traded soon. I bet that gon happen.

I first see this and think oh snap this is wierd. Like it not cool cause we have three round two picts and I wanted to see more guys tomorow. For depfth you know what I saying but you can still get good guy in three round.

And I think this was corny to move up for guy but then if he really good like blocker like daniels grahm then like, maybe this could be real cool.

Like you know how they have has two tight ened on both side. If they have this guy next to ryan harries and the grahm next to the clady you line is all done guy.

Who can stop this.. Who stop this guy. You can smash you enemy line so bad with they guy. We have horses holmes horses up front to smash.

Then guy think we gon run in this and pow grahm into FLAT this quint into FLAT who you gon pass to now holmes. Pow touch down on goal line pass. Stop this guy.

You think the clady all by heslef was bad, now you got clady with back up holmes/ how you gon stop this. Clady probable yell have to go back to draw board in off seasonal to stop this holems. He yell that at enemy player.