Seems that Tiki is off somewhere in a ditch with his head in the sand. Way to leave the site derelict. Guess I can’t blame him, I can’t imagine life right now for Broncos fans who actually think we’re going to win a bunch of games this year.

Never in 35 years as a Broncos fan have I been so utterly apathetic to the cause. I can’t be the only one. It’s unbelievable, it really is. Even last year, even early last year I was hopeful we’d go 9-7 and maybe just maybe get a playoff spot… we all know how that went.

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Captain John Fox Schulz and Colonel Klink Elway

Never before have I been so bored with the Broncos. The defense? Well, it’s the bright spot, I mean Von Miller’s doing OK and all… but that offense. Wow is that offense dismal.

Last Sunday we needed the great Norris Weese out there waving his arms telling the damn coach not to run up the middle on fourth down.

We got Klis over at the Denver Compost, we got this Klis character who said we’ll “win more than we lose with Orton,” we got this Klis who thought the Broncos would go 10 and 6 or better, we got this buffoon over there making all kinds of excuses for Kyle Orton.

Skewed perception has to be another factor. How else to explain why there’s such an outcry for Tebow, who has a 1-2 career record, to replace Orton, who is 1-2 this season?

“A lot of the noise outside this building is obviously coming from the previous two years,” John Elway, the Broncos’ executive director of football operations, said in reference to the Broncos finishing 4-12 in 2010 and losing eight of their last 10 in 2009. “And that’s understandable given what we’ve been through. But (head coach) John Fox wasn’t here, I wasn’t here, most of this staff wasn’t here.

Mike Klis Denver Post

"Just Believe"

Comparing the kid’s starting record to Orton’s record this season? What a fart. That isn’t even a joke, it’s an absolute fart Klis. You’re farting out your mouth and onto the page. Holy crap is this guy grasping at straws. Way to compare a rookie coming in cold to a seven year veteran. The first one is excusable when he falters–there is still hope–the other is now tiresome and inexcusable, he is what he is.

But oh no, Elway and Fox weren’t here. John Elway claims “they still don’t know what they have in Orton,” because in the last two years they haven’t seen him play with a running game and a defense.

Earth to Elway: He still doesn’t have either of those things and he’s the same quarterback. You watched the games the last two seasons, just open your eyes for crying out loud. Doesn’t take a genius to realize how limited Cuckooman Orton is. From the same article:

There is reason for hope. In a 17-14 loss to Tennessee, the NFL’s top-ranked defense, the Broncos had a 16-play, 80-yard touchdown drive that took up more than eight minutes. They had a 15-play, 80-yard touchdown drive against Cincinnati, the league’s No. 3 defense, that lasted 8 1/2 minutes. They also had a 12-play, 80-yard touchdown drive against Oakland.

“I think we’re getting close,” Orton said. “We would have liked to have scored more than 17 points against Tennessee, but I think we’ve taken a lot of positives away. We’re a lot better third-down football team. I think in the red zone, we’re getting better. Minus the goal line stand, we were 2-for-2. So, we’re improving. Now it’s just getting the sense of urgency and getting everybody to do it right, and then I think you’ll start seeing 35 points on the board rather than 23.”

I don’t care where “Cincinnati” is ranked defensively, if it’s high it’s a fluke right now. It’s a joke. Tennessee’s defense isn’t that great either. Didn’t impress me. I see Cincinnati as a team that will be right there with the Broncos in suckitude all season and perhaps Tennessee is a 9 and 7 team at best. But oh no, did you see those amazing dink and dunk drives down the field? Those drives we manage once per game or so? Oh they were special weren’t they? We had good drives at times last year. We scored less than 21 points per game in nine games last year. We’re on track to repeat that crap and the one game where we scored 23 points was due to Eric Decker’s punt return. Way to take credit for those points Orton. I’ll be waiting for the 35 point games… maybe against the hapless Chiefs.

At least you have hope Klis. Maybe we’ll go on a big winning streak when Dumervil gets back and get that playoff berth you felt so sure about there Klis. Klis goes on to throw out a bunch of meaningless statistics trying to say Kyle Orton really is a good steady QB and plays well in the clutch. Thanks for your contribution Klis, I bet the front office is happy.

“Win more than we lose with Kyle Orton.”

Legwold chimes in with the usual spin. He’s defending his beloved practice player, claiming the defense is the problem–not Orton. Nice try Legwold.

The Broncos’ defense has surrendered at least 375 yards in 11 of those losses, at least 400 yards three times and at least 500 yards three times.

And although NFL personnel people will always consider quarterback most important piece in team building, none of the hugely significant issues listed above that the Broncos have faced over the last three seasons has anything to do with the player behind center.

NFL League Source

League source says: "Just blame the defense."

Dingleberries Legwold, dingleberries. Our frequent three and outs with clutch Kyle are a serious strain on our mediocre defense. We hand the ball back to the opposing offense time and time again, especially with the game on the line. You see that Titans team early on? Bumbling, stumbling, just like the Bengals–you wait til we play an offense. I remember games last year where our defense kept us competitive until the half, but our inability to maintain drives and score points caught up with us as usual. Our defense wears down with all these three and outs, especially in the second half. It’s BS that Orton doesn’t have a hand in that. He fails to move the chains in key spots and that’s a problem.

Legwold and Klis: eternal optimists.

At least Krieger seems to be falling off the bandwagon, but that doesn’t prevent him from spouting nonsense:

They’ve loaded the remnants of the Josh McDaniels debacle into a chartered aircraft and they’re flying it around the country as if it has a chance to compete for an NFL championship. That’s really the only possible rationale for starting a veteran quarterback in the last year of his contract.

But I’m guessing pretty much everyone in that building on Broncos Parkway knows by now it’s not true. McDaniels left a multiyear rebuilding project in his wake, and Elway and Fox are left with the unenviable job of picking up the pieces.

That’s why the shots already flying their way from unhappy fans are misdirected. They’re not responsible for any of this. They’re the cleanup crew.

“As if it had a chance to compete for an NFL Championship.” Get a load of this Krieger. Yeah buddy, you were all in, along with your pals Klis and Legwold. Oh you guys believed we’d have a great running game, a great defense. Oh and I remember what you said about Orton and Quinn: “Kyle Orton gives the Broncos credibility,” and “Brady Quinn deserves to be the backup.”

You excited Krieger? Two more losses and maybe your boy Brady Quinn gets in there. I hear he’s the future of the franchise.

“As if it had a chance.” Yeah, you thought so,  didn’t you Krieger?

“Don’t fire shots at Elway and Fox, they’re just the cleanup crew… misdirected anger”… what an absolute turd. Nice try Krieger, nice try. Sorry buddy, we don’t have any reasons to ass sniff “EFX” right now. What have they done for us lately? Oh yeah, botch a trade that marginalizes our rookie QB and leaves us with a journeyman at the helm, a free agent QB who is losing games?

Oh yeah, I guess trading away a good football player in Jabar Gaffney for absolute squat is simply “cleaning up McDaniel’s mess.”

We drafted Von Miller, fine, good pick. Dareus would have been a good pick. Peterson too. Just sayin’

Who did we grab in free agency? McGahee, Bunkley? Ty Warren? Not atrocious but not good either. McGahee’s fine, but he won’t last at this pace.

What did we hear in the preseason, eh? We’re gonna win more with Orton? We’ll run the ball 500 times? We’ll go with the soon to be free agent veteran because he’ll win us games? How’s that for judgement?

The Post parroting a bunch of crap, people going on about an amazing new running game (we changed one offensive lineman) Orton having a career year and Lloyd in the Pro Bowl–most definitely, right?

Sorry if I and many, many others aren’t enthused with “EFX” right now.

Win more with Orton...

They haven’t earned squat yet.

Oh yeah, there’s a game this Sunday. Sorry I almost forgot.

I should put another green peg on my reality meter right this minute.

1-3 eh? Better hope we win the San Diego game or reality will smash this team in the face much faster than I anticipated.