I’m willing to wager ol’ Jay Huckdort Cutler wants to come back to Denver the way they’re treating him up there in Chicago.

Did you hear Mike Martz fixed Huckdort’s interception problem, eh?

He fixed it by not giving Hucky enough time to throw.

When I saw the Huck’s sack total for this year I just about laughed my balls off.  Now it’s up to 27 sacks.

It’s Hucky’s House of Pain and I ain’t letting the Denver football team discourage me. Oh yeah, people can say the Huck’s team has a better record, but so what? That’s the worst 4 and 2 team in the league.

Huckdort Jay’s getting thrashed, bashed lumped and jumped up there in Chicago. Couldn’t have happened to a better Dort. You know, maybe it’s egregious still making fun of this goober, but nah… it ain’t. Not the way he left, not the way he acted. So he’s up there getting sacked and concussed behind a porous line, flailing about and failing to protect the ball as usual. Hey at least the Broncos can pass block, most of the time anyways. Hucky’s good for some comedy gold on Sundays, especially since he ain’t playing for us and his Timely Dorts ain’t on our dime.

By the way, the definition of a Timely Dort is an interception at the worst possible moment. A Killer Dort is a pick returned for a touchdown. Looks like Orton did his best impression of the Huckster yesterday.