That Brandon Marshall didn’t return Numbnut’s phonecall.

Woody Paige


That’s why Numby changed his tune from saying pay Marshall 50 million to the latest “he’s not worth it.”

Well thank you Captain Obvious.

Can you believe this guy? He ain’t even serious. People are catching on:

Rotoworld: We generally take columnists’ opinions with a grain of salt (especially Woody Paige), but it’s true that McDaniels has yet to endorse Marshall’s return.

Especially Numby, since he’s perennially wrong.

Better late than never, I guess.

To all those who believe Marshall will still be a Bronco this year, send me an email: I got some Sham-Wow’s and Slap-Chops I want to sell you. Oh, and if you email quick I’ll also throw in the “Graty” for an extra five dollahs.

slap chop graty

Seriously, who would you rather sign? Brandon Marshall or Terrell Owens? Owens is the same type of receiver with the same antics and headaches, but Owens is without the risk of suspension and he would cost much less.

We don’t want neither, but just sayin’