Jeff Legwold

The Great Jeff Legwold

Jeff Legwold is taking over as village idiot of the Denver Post.

Nevermind Numby insisting the Broncos fork over 50 million plus for Brandon Marshall last year, this Legwold is out of control.

I want him censored or fired for conduct detrimental to the team. Conduct detrimental to the damn team.

Unbelievable this guy: “Da’Quan Bowers is Robert Ayers,” “Draft a cornerback with the #2 first round pick,” “League sources believe Denver will have a hard time transitioning to a 4-3.”

Who is this guy? Is he working for the Chargers? Does this guy even watch the Broncos play?

Draft a *^(*&in cornerback with the first pick? Are you *&%in kidding me?

We’ve had an all world cornerback for the last six years and where’s that gotten us? How about opposing quarterbacks sitting back and lighting us up time and time again?

Ever wonder why a Jason Campbell has career days against our defense? We have these also ran quarterbacks throwing to some fourth string wide receiver making all kinds of plays on us since we can’t rush the quarterback.

I’m tired of it. I’m sick and tired of this complete BS. This team can’t rush the passer and Elvis Dumervil coming back isn’t nearly enough. It’s not enough. Pumpkinhead Madden knows it, you can’t have enough pass rushers on your defense and you certainly don’t ever, ever pass up a guy who can rush the QB and play the run. Name the players who can do that–not many–and they’re often making 50 million plus for a reason. What did the Giants do when they had Strahan plus Tuck and were in a position to draft someone other than a pass rusher? They drafted yet another premium pass rusher and it’s the prime reason they smoked one of the all-time great offensive juggernauts in the Superbowl.

Here we have a shot at the very top pass rusher in the draft, an athletic freak with 15.5 sacks, 26 tackles for a loss and we’d even consider not drafting him? Are you *&%ing *(^(%ing me?

You build your team around a Da’Quan Bowers. You don’t build a team around a cornerback. Did the Broncos have a Champ Bailey in their Superbowl runs? Do the Saints have one? The Colts?

ESPN League Source

NFL Personnel Executive says: "Legwold is a genius."

Didn’t this team play a 4-3 at times earlier this season because we had players “better suited” for a 4-3? All of a sudden it’s the other way around–I suppose anonymous league sources should know.

And in some ways, it is the same profile Clemson defensive end Da’Quan Bowers has as the 2011 draft approaches — a player who works out well but had just one top-tier season as a starter in college.

Bowers, a junior who has yet to declare for the NFL draft, had better sack numbers this season than Ayers did in his final year at Tennessee, but there is always a question about pass-rush players who don’t post consistent sack numbers throughout their collegiate careers.–Jeff Legwold

Bowers is Robert Ayers. That’s a new one. What a joke. 15.5 sacks compared to Ayers three? That doesn’t even deserve to be heard. The genius Legwold continues his stream of worthless bile by pointing out Ayers is the Broncos only true defensive end in a 4-3–according to “NFL personnel people.” I suppose there’s no way Bowers would dominate yet again in college next year. Oh and by the way Jeffrey, Bowers just declared–sorry to %&%^ in your nachos.

Legwold adds insult to injury by comparing Bowers to Jarvis Moss–what a joke. I remember seeing Jarvis Moss when Shanahan picked him, I said he better be fast and quick and he better have moves because he looks on the frail side. This Bowers is 6’4 280 where Jarvis Moss is 6′ 7 257 in his fourth season. That’s great, Bowers is Jarvis Moss and Robert Ayers rolled into one.  Great analysis Legwold.

Kiper’s take: My current No. 2 player on the Board, the guy projects as an immediate starter at the NFL level and one who will cause negative plays from Week 1.

I don’t care what Kiper’s said in the past, he’s right on this kid. I’ve watched our Clemson team all year long, you don’t pass on this kid, this monster who will strike fear in the heart of opposing quarterbacks and wreak havoc alongside Elvis Dumervl on a level hitherto never before seen–especially on this Broncos team.

If the Broncos switch to the 4-3, they aren’t likely to keep Vickerson, McBean or Williams. Vickerson played in the 4-3 with Tennessee and Seattle, but couldn’t keep a job with either team.–Denver Post Dunce

Vickerson, McBean, Williams–you know what? All three of them can walk. If that’s true anyways–that these players couldn’t play in a 4-3 which I question (they were barely effective in a 3-4 for God’s sake) Williams probably will retire anyways, but oh no better not hurt any of their feelings since our defensive front was so stellar this year. I suppose we got a bunch of Pro Bowlers up there we better not get rid of, better not anger any of them with a change of scheme–what a joke.

This defense hasn’t been good for years. We’ve been a disaster of a 3-4 defense. I think we played better as a 4-3 in recent years quite honestly.

What a joke, what a laugh. We will draft Bowers, we will get Dumervil back and Marcus Thomas, Bannan and whoever else can hang with a 4-3 will stay. The rest? See you later. We can even acquire or draft some 4-3 interior bodies–it ain’t rocket science. Our corners are pretty decent without Bailey. Draft one in the second or third round, pick up an Andre Goodman in free agency.

This is a no-brainer. I am confident John Elway and Co. aren’t this stupid. If they are this dumb, if they blow the chance at the next Julius Peppers or even trade down for a couple also rans–you know what–I’m done with this organization. Done with them for lack of mental acuity on a level hitherto never before seen. I don’t even care who the coach is. They want Mularkey? Fine, but they better draft Bowers. The only consolation I’m willing to accept is Nick Fairley. Even then, this Bowers better not, he better not turn out to be a supreme playmaking Julius Pepper style force for some other team. Talk about blowing it, talk about screwing the neighbor’s cat when you have a shot at a premium pass rusher. Can you imagine Dumervil on the right, Bowers on the left? You can’t contain one of them all the time. Robert Ayers? He’s a run stuffer who can get pressure. I’m disappointed in his pass rushing ability. That said, put him in there on first downs, have him spot Dumervil and Bowers. Talk about a rotation? Holy hell this is an absolute no-brainer. You have to be mentally defective to not see the impact on defense this kid could give us. He has the potential for Defensive… Franchise… Player.

The Broncos do need bodies. But I think you go with it — and at this point, even if, as I think, Champ returns, I’d pick one of these cornerbacks, Patrick Peterson of LSU or Prince Amukamara of Nebraska, or defensive linemen Da’Quan Bowers of Clemson.–Numby

You almost saved yourself Numby by throwing Bowers into the equation. However, the fact that you even mentioned the other two cornerbacks is a trainwreck. Why the hell should this organization be married to the idea of a star cornerback? We already have one–maybe as good a one as you can ever get–and why on earth do we want to field the very same team over and over again? Hey Legwold and Numby, let’s just keep all our amazing defensive lineman and draft a star corner to replace Champ so we can field last year’s team all over again? What a total travesty. What a recipe for mediocrity and disaster.

Unbelievable that these morons even consider a corner with the first pick, I don’t care how good he might be. Oh and that corner we already have? He’s real good against the run too ain’t he–a whole hell of a lot of good that does us.

I’ve said it before I”ll say it again we need a Champ Bailey at the point of attack. You’re sitting right there with the number two pick and there’s a premier pass rusher who makes big plays against the run? It’s a no brainer folks.

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I’m confident Elway and Co. aren’t mental defectives running a ship of fools.