Screw the fifth pick in the draft, I want the second pick.

I’m beginning to like this Studesville, he looked clueless out there in the Cardinals game. I do feel sorry for him, he finally gets a head coaching gig but some broken down team is representing him.



This Sunday was the first time in history PP Dublinski cheered when the Broncos got a penalty. I wasn’t emotionally invested in this game, but you see all them mistakes early in the game when they still had a chance? One step forward, two steps back. Same story all season long. Injuries, rookies, penalties, inconsistencies and  bad luck all amounted to a crap year.

I keep seeing these articles pop up where “NFL sources” and “league executives” claim the Broncos were doomed from the start when we “mishandled” the Huckdort trade. What a joke, that was a positive, I am so glad we didn’t commit to that gooned out fool. You see that New England game? That Bears team got a cold dose of reality.  That team is the worst 9-4 team in the league,  their only win against a decent team was Philadelphia. Hucky’s like Orton, they both need a good supporting cast to be successful. That dort ain’t worth no fifty million plus, that’s for damn sure.

I am thrilled the Broncos currently have the third pick in the 2011 draft, but now I want the second pick!

Either we draft someone there or we trade down and get a cache of picks. Either way it’s a good thing. I look to the grand promise of the future! All Hail Studaville! Many thanks for his clueless nature!

On the subject of the future, Champ Bailey can walk–too much money. Daniel Graham must go–too much money and he doesn’t do enough. Anyone claiming Daniel Graham is a great blocker, well we can just convert a damn tackle or pick a tight end late in the draft to block. Daniel Graham is barely mediocre when it comes to receiving. Chris Kuper’s spot needs an upgrade, same with Ryan McBean. I’ve seen enough of Correll Buckhalter too. Thanks for your service guys, but that’s a wrap.

Tebow should start the last two home games, that should be a given. If he does not start the last two games, then either this organization is clueless or they think he’s a bust and will soon ship him off to Buffalo or Jacksonville.

I’m a little worried about Tebow starting after next weekend, I’m worried because I might want him to win if he’s starting. Hopefully Tebow will play well and the defense will choke and get the blame for the losses. That’s not such a bad outcome.