Von MillerThey damn well better find a way to make him useful on every single down.

Miller is a 3-4 Linebacker who will beĀ  asked to switch positions to SAM linebacker. The Broncos better come up with a way for him to be effective rushing the quarterback.

If we take Miller with our first round pick, I want two defensive linemen in that second round.

Legdorf at the Denver Post claimed the Broncos organization doesn’t believe the situation on the defensive line is all that dire… citing a healthy Dumervil, Robert Ayers and Kevin Vickerson.


Kevin Vickerson is a backup on most NFL teams. Robert Ayers is a maybe… maybe someday he will do more than defend against the run.

Elvis Dumervil is the only player on this team who can rush the quarterback with any consistency.

Forgive me for being all down on this incredible Broncos defensive line, eh? You can’t be serious if you don’t think our d-line situation is dire. We have holes up the ying yang on that line and I want something done.

I demand two lineman with the first three picks. Demand. No excuses. This draft is deep with defensive linemen and to blow it here is unacceptable. This team has struggled to field a decent defensive line for years. We haven’t had someone on that line that teams had to worry about since Trevor Pryce… besides Dumervil.

When it’s fourth and inches this defensive line goes backwards, time and time again.

If they’re gonna get cute with that first pick, they better draft some warriors on the d-line in the second round… a pair of them.

They better hope and pray that Dareus or Fairley ain’t all world either, what a travesty to be right there in position to draft a disruptive defensive line force and screw the proverbial pooch.