The Broncos should get a third or fourth round pick for Orton, should they go that route.

A third rounder at best, a fourth rounder at worst. Some team will pony up a  third or a fourth for him. I’m betting Orton will play for two or three more teams during his long career in the NFL. He’s a decent quarterback, he’s  a starter on many teams and he was one of the Broncos best players this year. He’s limited in what he can do, yet a Cardinals or Vikings team could show interest in him. Orton may even have a little success on a good team, he could even muster a playoff run, but ultimately his game is incomplete and he will always have some young rookie breathing down his neck.

The Race for the #1 Pick

If the Broncos lose the next two games and the Panthers win one, the Broncos will have the very first pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

Carolina won’t win tonight, but they could win their next game. The Falcons could clinch home field advantage with a win this week and they could bench their starters for the Carolina game.

It doesn’t matter much, since we would trade the first pick, but I’ll take that or the second pick. If the Broncos win and bump themselves out of the top 5 I will be rightly pissed.