John Fox and John Elway are doing the right thing. They’re acting as if Kyle Orton will be the starter in 2011.

We shouldn’t act like Kyle Orton is expendable.

We want desperate teams trying to pry Orton away from us, we don’t want them thinking that Orton doesn’t matter to the Broncos anymore. Don’t want them thinking we just can’t wait to get rid of him.

Orton starting for the Broncos is a mistake in 2011. It’s time to turn the page, time to retool. No better time than now to go in a new direction, especially at quarterback. Give the first round pick a chance, then decide if he’s the answer and go from there.

We all know Orton isn’t the answer. Starting him this season is gonna set this team back another year. Not to mention it will be about as exciting as watching that John Clayton egghead rear up a leg and light his farts on fire.

Time to turn the page. No more of this unspectacular journeyman with the athleticism of a one legged goat.

I, P.P. Dublinski raise a finger in the air and stand aloft, I will have none of this Orton starting nonsense. None. Orton don’t move right, he don’t look right, and yeah he protects the ball… but you notice when he does get picked off it always seems to go the other way for six points? He has a horrible knack for the team killing dort.

He’s the starter for now, and that’s fine with me.

We can have a QB competition too, that’s fine by me, but we better trade him before the start of this season, I want a third rounder or a player.

I’d rather have a third rounder in this upcoming draft.

Like I’ve said you could have benched Kyle Orton this season on merits alone. Merits alone. I don’t care about stats. We didn’t win games, we didn’t score touchdowns and we failed time and time again at converting third downs. Yeah our defense wasn’t good, but talk about putting undue pressure on them time and time again? It was the same story the year before last in the losing stretch. Three and out, three and out,  three and out… unacceptable. Three friggen points at the half is unacceptable. You got these rubes claiming Tebow only scored against a bad defense, but that’s what you do against a bad defense, you score points. Time and time again we didn’t even score points against some bad defenses with Orton at the helm. I also happen to think Orton is incapable of being clutch with the game on the line. He failed in that spot over and over. The big come from behind win was a fluke tipped to Brandon Stokley. Other than that–Honk.

Michael Lombardi Gaffes

See that Michael Lombardi saying no one in the Broncos organization is behind Tebow? Lombardi claimed the Broncos have a problem at QB and they must get serious about drafting a quarterback with the first round pick.

What kind of paint is this guy huffing?

We’ve heard differently from the players,  from our new head coach. You’d think the players would have something (or nothing) to say about their supposed “favored” quarterback getting benched for the last few games.

Lombardi conveniently snapped out of it today on NFL Network where he was asked to analyze the teams who will seriously consider drafting a quarterback in the top ten.

The Broncos weren’t one of them.

So much for a “huge need.”