The great Jeff Legwold claims Brandon Lloyd asked for a trade because Tebow was promoted to starter.

This contradicts an earlier article by Mike Klis who points out the agents for both Lloyd and Royal requested trades before the San Diego game where Tebow started after the half.

Are all these trade requests Tim Tebow-related? It was in Orton’s case back in July. But the agents for Lloyd and Royal made their intentions known before John Fox benched Orton for Tebow last week.

Brandon Lloyd himself claimed yesterday in a radio interview on the Doug Gottlieb show that his trade request first happened at the end of the summer due to contract disputes and John Fox’s piss poor passing offense.
So what’s the deal Legwold?

 Broncos’ switch to QB Tim Tebow sparked trade of wide receiver Brandon Lloyd -Lloyd’s request for a trade — he was dealt Monday to the Rams — essentially came because the Broncos will be relying more on their running game and on shorter throws in their passing game now that Tim Tebow is the 1-4 team’s starting quarterback. Lloyd’s game is down-the-field routes.

You wish Legwold, you wish. I bet you’re all pissed off that your incredible practice players are riding pine, ain’t ya? You know those practice players you claimed were the real gamers?

What a joke Legwold, what a disgrace. This guy pens a piece about Tebow last week pointing out what he believes are QB’s flaws… guess we all know what you’re hoping for eh there Legwold?

Furthermore, Tebow throws a good deep ball that’s even better than Kyle Orton. That’s one of his strengths.

Oh well, maybe the kid will be a disaster and we can get a look at practice player number two: Brady Quinn. I bet Legwold would be ecstatic. I bet he’d piss himself with joy.