Wimpdort CutlerI speak truths, my word is Iron. My countenance will not be bifurcated, besmirched or censored.

My locks are intact, the virility is unmatched and I often fly in my dreams–a rare and welcome gift indeed.

Can you believe this Dort? I can. I know this Huck doesn’t look right, I know he doesn’t protect the ball and I know he’s nothing but a poor man’s Favre. I knew this well before just about anyone too, September of 2008 I knew we had to get rid of Jay Huckdort Cutler.

He’s no winner, he’s more interested in taking photos for GQ. That strange, gnarled Hucky face gracing the pages of GQ? What an absolute joke.

Could you even fathom, could you even imagine John Elway taking himself out of an AFC Championship game while he can still walk? Elway played the 1991 AFC Championship game with a deep thigh bruise, that is, he played until it locked up so bad he couldn’t walk.  I’ll tell you something: That Huckdort damn well better need a scalpel on his knee, he damn well better have blown a knee. If we’re talking a sprain or a tweak then it’s nothing short of an absolute travesty and they should run his ass right out of Chicago.

Can you believe people still lament the Broncos trading away this Dort? Chicago may never get back to the NFC Championship game and Hucky takes himself out of the game while he can still walk, while he can still ride a bike on the sideline.

I think you people realize what happened here. The Bears played ultra conservative–you see all those runs when they were down on their own 10? The Denver Broncos had an excuse for being conservative in their last three games, they started a rookie QB who hadn’t taken snaps with the first team all year. What is this, Huckdort’s fifth year in the league? A fifth year QB and they’re scared to death to throw the football in a NFC Championship game?

They knew he was going to Dort.

Hucky knew he was going to Dort.

Once they opened up the offense (because they had to) Jay HuckDort Cutler knew he was going to Dort and Dort hard during that second half.

Philip Rivers played an entire AFC Championship game in 2008 with a completely torn ACL.

Hell, John Elway played his entire career without an ACL in his left knee.

That knee of Dort’s better need a scalpel.

No matter, Jay Huckdort Cutler doesn’t look right, doesn’t protect the ball, he ain’t no winner and he’s nothing but a poor man’s Favre.