Jeff Legwold

Jeff Legwold -- Beaten and Downtrodden

First, this guy tells us the practice players Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn are the real gamers.

Legwold probably got this bad information from these “league executives” he’s always talking up. John Elway recently said practice and game time are two different things. I’ll take Elway’s version, thanks.

Brady Quinn implodes in preseason and Kyle Orton does a pick throwing Canadian Goose impression in the middle of the field for the next four games.

Meanwhile, Legwold simply cannot believe his almighty practice players are riding pine. After the unpolished kid is named starter, Legwold gives us a next to impossible laundry list of things the kid better do right to succeed.

“Tebow could do this… BUT…”

“Tebow might do this… BUT…”

Blah blah fricken blah.

Next Legwold makes the audacious claim that Brandon Lloyd demanded a trade since Timmy Teebs was named the starter. Lloyd, his agent and Mike Klis of the Post said the trade requests came about in the summer.

The latest from Legwold? Well, it was the Broncos receivers and a lackadaisical Miami defense switching to a prevent that produced a Denver win–not so much Timmy Teebs.

You’ve got to be kidding me. I imagine this lazy journalist sits in the Denver Compost bathrooms and blows hoagies out his ass while he plans his next important move. I imagine this guy chewing bitter roots as he seethes and audibly farts in front of the tube when Timmy Teebs runs for a first down.

I hope the kid rubs salt in your wounds all season long Legwold, all season long I’ll be laughing my ass off with every win and every touchdown authored by Timmy Teebs. None other than Timmy Teebs, the total antithesis to your practice players.

I’ll be laughing and you’ll be blowing more sewage out your ass. Oh yeah. Unfortunately, some of the turd will creep onto the page. The fine citizens of Denver picking up their local paper don’t deserve to be disgraced by the unctuous turdage from the bowels of this sea cucumber who manages to wield a pen.

This guy’s on a worse streak right now than Klis, Kreiger or that old sot Woody Paige combined. This Legwold is failing harder than Mike Klis did this August if that’s even possible. Klis who told us we’d win more than we lose with Kyle Orton and hinted at a 10-6, 11-5 Broncos team behind the incredible new running game. Like I said, it’s better–not great. Paige has been consistent about Tebow, but in his latest he wishes Shanahan was still here along with miscreants Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler… get over it buddy.

Which brings me to that Peyton Hillis, eh? What the hell is going on there. I can see why McDaniels sent him down the river on a crap house door–he probably has a bad attitude just like Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler.

If Cleveland can’t get along with Hillis after a Pro Bowl year, who the hell can?

After being jettisoned from Denver Marshall ruined his career. Huckdort Cutler shortened his career. Scheffler caught six passes this year–I bet he can’t wait for the season to end either. Good riddance. Good riddance to Hillis too for that matter, he’s probably got an attitude, plus he fumbles too much.

In other news I saw a piece on Knownshon Moreno… how he might be able to regain the starting job if he plays well. I say DON’T do that. Get Lance Ball in there to tow the load if McGahee’s out. Every time we try and make Knowshon “the guy” it doesn’t work and he ends up injured. We need to use him in draws, screens, short passes in the flats–that’s who he is. He can be great in those situations. I have a bad feeling we won’t use him like that–yet again–and we’ll send him somewhere else where they WILL use him like that to great success.

How bout that Dumervil, eh? Better get it together buddy, this guy ain’t earning his keep. He may not be a fit for the four three after all, we’ll end up trading him if he doesn’t show up out there. I know he gets “pressures,” but so don’t Ryan McBean and there’s an abolsute universe of a gap between paychecks there.

The Broncos have a shot at winning the home game this Sunday. We’ll need at least three quarters of good play from Timmy Teebs and three touchdowns, either running or gunning, to have a shot. I happen to think Teebs was a nervous wreck last Sunday. He is and was enormous pressure to perform an even moreso in front of his “home” crowd. Teeb’s has a different situation than say John Elway and Blaine Gabbert–the deck was cleared for those quarterbacks. Elway knew he was the only guy moving forward and Gabbert knows that now, not so with Teebs. He has to prove himself in these games or else.