Jeff Legwold is imbibing more peyote.

He has to be on peyote.

Either that, or the man is just head over heels in love with LSU’ s Patrick Peterson.

I don’t know that you can find a more inane drone over there at the Denver Post right now. Yes, Legwold even tops Numby Paige on the idiocy scale as of late.

Three freakin articles in the same day:

Broncos’ best option at No. 2: LSU CB Peterson

Peterson has stardom covered

If Peterson goes first or second overall, he’d make draft history

Sorry buddy, but you can’t will it to happen by posting over and over and over on the subject. Sorry, don’t work that way pal.

More draft wisdom from grandpa Leggy: “Always take the best player, no exceptions.

Whoa there tiger. No exceptions eh there Legnuts? This guy’s really putting his foot down.

Tell you what Legwold, you can take your draft analysis, crumple it up real good and scrape the dingleberries off Numby’s freshly burrito smeared rear end and throw it in the woods.

Throw it in the woods, cause it sucks. And oh you better believe it smells.

You can spend your time doing that Legman, while I, P.P. Dublinski raise my arm in victory as I bask in the first round spectacle of a giant, talented, freakish defensive lineman lumbering down that red carpet and putting on a Denver Broncos hat.

We don’t need Patrick Peterson at the cornerback position. We need a Patrick Peterson up front on the defensive line, in the trenches where the battles are won and the victors ultimately decided.

Anything less, is uncivilized.

And when Leggy sees that new Broncos lineman lumbering down to the podium he can take more of them desert weeds and stuff them in that odd misshapen trap.

I wonder who is hookup is, more of them league executives? These “senior” NFL insiders he’s always quoting?

ESPN League Source

NFL Personnel Executive says: "Draft a cornerback."