nate jones

(AP Photo) Denver Broncos cornerback Nate Jones (33) tackles New York Jets wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery (89) during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010, in Denver.

You see the final few minutes of this game, eh?

How pathetic.

Yes, the team gave an improved effort, but bad teams miss opportunities and bad teams find a way to lose games.

No presence at all by that Renaldo Hill on that penalty pass, he was flubbing around like he didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Botched field goal in the first half, botched snap by the Broncos in the final seconds. Pathetic.

This coach listened to P.P. he listened to my video this week I’m sure of it. Open the offense up, go down the field, try some razzle dazzle, get Tebow involved, throw jump passes to Thomas but none of that really matters when you don’t do the main thing I asked: Score 28 points.

One touchdown a quarter is too much to ask of this offense. Time after time, possession after possession they’ll find a way to fall short of the mark.

You see those three and outs in the fourth quarter, eh? Double three and outs, I knew what was coming. Oh yeah, the Broncos score a touchdown only to have the Jets rip off the obligatory 40 yard play our defense always gives up after the offense manages to score. Classic Broncos in the second half there. The quick three and outs by the offense in the second wear down our good but not great defense, I saw it coming clear as day.

There’s a good possibility this team won’t even meet Numby at the Post’s prediction of 8 and 8.

If it does go that way, if we pile up 4 more losses soon, then there’s not one reason in the world why we shouldn’t start Tim Tebow.

You see that second down play in the second half where we lined up in the shotgun, deep in our own territory, and it looks like Orton audibles a run? You see how stupid that play was? What a joke. Audible for a damn 2 yard loss.

Kyle Orton’s been OK moving the ball from our 20 to the opposing team’s 20, but not much else. Yeah he’s playing well overall, but he hasn’t been dynamic enough when it counts.

In fact, Kyle Orton and the offense haven’t been very clutch, have they?

That Krieger and that Kislza at the Post, picking the Jets to win. Those two faced bums, turn on a dime, those weird faced losers. Even that Numby has the common decency to show some passion and pick the Broncos.

Good things happen when you throw the ball deep. The Jets sure as hell understand that one.

What a pathetic loss to an undeserving team.

Bad teams find a way to lose.