“Some of the changes that are being made are going to help us in the run game and protection wise,” Orton said. “And, like I said, I think we can throw the ball against anybody. We’ve got guys that can get open and get the ball to them. I think if we can improve in those areas, we’re going to be a tough offense to stop.”

Better be one hell of a new scheme.

Last I checked you have the same offensive line with the exception of one–one player. A rookie at right tackle and you have two near rookies at center and guard. The jury is still out on the center, the guard and the right tackle. Hell, I never have been a fan of Kuper’s run blocking ability either. He gets picked up and thrown at times for God’s sake.

Pretty tall order you got there.

These rumblings about the veteran players being concerned about losing Kyle Orton… what do they see that we haven’t seen? Or is it only the soon to be free agent Brandon Lloyd?

Does anyone in their right mind think Kyle Orton is the long term solution at quarterback? Anyone? Even one person? Do these veteran players really think the Broncos are playoff bound with Orton this year? Are they that delusional?

I’m beginning to believe this John Fox is arrogant enough to think we’re going to be a powerhouse running the football all of a sudden. Arrogant enough to think he can field a top defense.

The term Orton and Super Bowl do not and will not mix unless you have a top five defense and a running game likened to the 98 Broncos. That’s what you will need in order for a Cuckooman to succeed.

Kyle Orton is in his sixth year. We’ve seen the Kyle Orton show in Denver for a whole two years now.

What the hell are they thinking?

If this continues, and it looks like it will–I believe Paige is on to something when he floats that Fox and Elway have already made the decision to go with Orton. Fox probably thinks Orton is a great fit for his unspectacular conservative offense, an offense we’ve been trying to run for two years now mind you. Seriously, game managing and ball control are the only things you really have with Orton at the helm. We’ve already tried this crap and it’s a no go. We don’t have the personnel for it.

If this continues… there is a part of me, a deep down dark and savage part of P.P. Dublinski that can’t wait.

Part of me can’t wait to see it unfold, see it crash and burn. Fox building his house on sand. I can’t wait to see the reaction in the stands. It might be unprecedented.

Two years of the Cuckooman Orton show center stage, three is more than I’m willing to accept. I’ll bet three is more than the fans are willing to accept.

When Orton is out there being Orton, I can’t wait to hear the boo-birds. The camera might even shake when the home team gets intercepted instead of when the defense makes a goal line stop or when we score a touchdown.

The Broncos front office started off well enough this summer. They did what I wanted,  mostly.  I wanted a power running back to complement Moreno, I wanted at least one name player added to the defensive line.

But I wanted Orton traded. The inevitable trade. Hand the reins to the rookie, give him every chance to succeed with the first team so we know what the big picture is heading into this offseason. It was going to happen. Rightly so. But it didn’t happen. Somebody screwed the proverbial pooch and now we’re stuck.

Fine by me. Don’t do what I want and see how badly you continue to suck balls.

Come to think of it, the longer the Broncos don’t do what I want, the more the mere mention of a Super Bowl for Denver becomes an ever more distant reality.

My track record is iron. I demanded the firing of Shanahan claiming he stayed on too long–but that was easy to see. I demanded and foretold the departure of Jay Huckdort Cutler 9 months before it happened–at the beginning of a fresh season while most still felt he was the second coming of Elway. I knew he didn’t look right, that he was a pick throwing machine, that his leadership was incongruent and thoroughly lacking. I demanded and foretold the departure of Scheffler and Brandon Marshall at the hand of McDaniels whom I knew would clean house on the me first prima donnas. I said we’d be fine at receiver without paying Brandon Marshall 50 million plus–whilst others were sure he’d be back for the next season. The hug didn’t fool me one bit.

My track record is iron. Go ahead Broncos front office, dare to defy the Dark Ninja of the Depths P.P. Dublinksi.

Go right ahead, be my guest.

I’m your worst nightmare. I will be all season long until I get what I want.

I’m not even saying Tebow is the answer, but for the life of me I can’t understand why this organization and these vets wouldn’t want to find out for sure. Why they wouldn’t want to get on with the future. Why they wouldn’t want to know if drafting a quarterback next year is the real way to go. Why they can’t see the bigger picture. Brian Dawkins is going to be a grey beard by the time we’re ready for a Kyle Orton type to take us to the big show. Like I said, it’s gonna take a top five defense and a 1998 Broncos running game if you’re going to do damage in the playoffs with a quarterback who is that limited.

How many times have we heard “Kyle Orton won’t kill you by himself but he can manage a team to victory.” It’s the truth. Let’s get real.

I can’t help but wonder why Tim Tebow’s performances in those last three games last year have been completely thrown under the bus by some people, many in fact. It’s unbelievable. We’re just gonna forget all about that. Forget all about how he came in cold as a rookie and played pretty well.  We’ll forget all about the threat he posed on third downs, forget all about how we actually were in a position to win games by scoring 23-28 points.

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again. In order to win in this league, you need to score 24 points a game on average. That separates the wheat from the chaff. The only exception is if you have a great running game and a lights out defense–then you can get by scoring 17 points. Good luck Broncos.

Nine games showcase Kyle Orton’s point scoring mastery in 2010: 17, 13, 17, 20, 14, 16, 14, 6, 13

Nah, forget how Tebow played in the games last season, that was all luck, that was a fluke. Now it’s “Tebow didn’t look good at practice, didn’t you hear.”

A player like Tebow may never look good in practice. What’s his thing? Isn’t it running and gunning, isn’t it improvising when the play breaks down? What a joke.

Kyle looks great at practice doesn’t he? And oh he puts up 4,000 yards and his completion rating was blah blah blah… how pathetic. Look at those numbers, look at those points in those games, I’m sure it was all the fault of the defense. What a sham of an excuse.

What a joke. Who the hell cares how he practices. Get a grip. You people have to know who Kyle Orton is by now.

Now we’re stuck in this strange stasis where Orton is somehow the savior and not the goat we all know he is when the pressure is on.

Build the team around Orton? That’s truly the kind of QB play you want in Denver?

Good luck. You’re gonna have to build one hell of a team for him.

Fine by me, when the boos start raining down I will be laughing.

Yes, I will be loving it. And this front office will deserve all the criticism for this botched conundrum that it can get.