Now now everyone, don’t you worry, the Denver Broncos are in good hands. John Fox, John Elway and Xanders? They know best, they are professionals of the highest order. Now don’t you go criticizing them for creating a quarterback controversy early in camp, or trading away Jabar Gaffney for nothing, now the coach says this:

Fox said coaches did not consider playing backup Tim Tebow in the fourth quarter, when the Packers led by at least 25 points. The team played several backups on defense late in the game, but none on offense.

“We need our starting quarterback to get experience for us to improve. That’s the idea behind that. You know he needs to get better in our system,” Fox said. “I know he gets judged on the past couple of years, but we’re trying to get him better in our system and use that experience to get better.”

Can you believe this one? Kyle Orton, a seven year veteran, Kyle Orton needs more experience for the Broncos to be successful. He needs more experience in John Fox’s amazing offense. That’s expert thinkery right there for you. Good luck waiting around for the amazing improvement, you’ll need two drafts to build what he needs to improve. I wonder what’s next, Brady Quinn needs the experience? This is getting more ridiculous by the hour and it’s playing out baby, it’s playing out.

I have now added John Fox, John Elway and Brian Xanders to the Reality Meter.

Even these buffoons can't tip the scales