Finally, some sense presented over there at the Denver Post, I wonder what the hell happened… I’m beginning to think that Mike Klis reads P.P. Dublinski.

OK, Mike, being a 30-plus-year Broncos fan, I can’t stand the thought of Orton starting another season. What’s the realistic chance of Brady Quinn getting a shot? Orton is not a Super Bowl quarterback and will never play in one.
–Dave, Highland, Calif.

“Sorry, but I think the only chance the Broncos have of snapping their four-year playoff drought this season is if Orton is their starting quarterback…

…But I do believe if he quarterbacks a team that has a solid running game and a defense that can stop the run, Orton can lead a team to a Super Bowl.”

Hi Mike. Which Broncos rookie do you see having the biggest impact next season?
–Eddie, Las Vegas

“Top rookie contributions figure to come from Tebow, who would give the Broncos a double-option threat of pass or run on short-yardage and goal-line situations, and the two rookie offensive linemen, center J.D. Walton, and guard Zane Beadles.”

Certainly flies in the face of the trade Orton now garbage, what was it 9,000 sea cucumbers saying trade Orton now in that poll over there?

You people out there will come to learn I am reality when it comes to Broncos information. I don’t throw out a bunch of half baked ideas that don’t make any sense. You got people making their mock drafts around the premise of Marshall returning, how ridiculous. Floating “pay Marshall 50 million,” or “maybe we’ll franchise him after this year.” This defense should be improved this year, but oh no you had a bunch of goonballs crying in their soup over Nolan leaving, saying woe is me. Numby saying “maybe the wrong coach left town,” at his departure. So what is it Numby? Is McDaniels the golden boy who will be the Broncos coach for years to come? Or is he not his own man and should be run out of Denver?

That Numby’s a flip flopper, plain and simple. Not me, I’ve been shooting straight the entire time. The only little, tiny hitch in my record was saying that we won’t take Tebow that high in the draft, but McDaniels knew Tebow possessed the skills to help remedy what we sucked at last year: getting short yardage when it counted. Tim “the Gadget” Tebow was too valuable to pass up as an X Factor on third downs. Too valuable to a team that sorely needed help in that area.

I predicted the dismissal of Jay Huckdort Cutler, months before anyone, everyone was talking “the next John Elway,” back then. Oh how that Huckdort lets them fly on a line way down the field… yeah, only to get picked off at the worse possible times and lose the games time and time again.

I knew he didn’t look right.

I knew Shanahan was gone, told them to boot him right on out of here. He stayed on too long and his many acquisitions of questionable character smacked of desperation. Not to mention the team was spoiled with this practicing without pads nonsense–you allow that privilege to fly with a Super Bowl caliber team, not 8 and 8 mediocrity.

I knew Marshall was gone, this coach ain’t gonna eat his BS. Plain and simple. I don’t care how many times they hugged, didn’t fool me none, they’re just emotional warriors at game time. No way this coach would suffer Marshall a minute longer, no way, no how would he be on our opening day roster in 2010.

I was out there saying McDaniels would put his foot down on this spoiled Broncos team, I was out there saying it in February a month after we acquired him. I knew he had the mark of a winner, and I instantly perceived the broad he goes with is all class. I trumpeted his arrival knowing he would reign with an iron fist and that he was indeed a genius.

As for those who don’t think Tebow will be out there this year on short yardage duty: Get ready to throw the remote at the screen when the evil McDaniels pits the future “pocket passer” against NFL caliber linebackers.

It is behooven of me to address the lies, the distortions, the miscalculations and the general nonsensical prophecies of those who don’t know this team. You got some goober up there at the Denver Post who claims he’s in good with the players, he points back to his long career reporting on the Broncos since the Orange Crush days and yet he’s perennially wrong, time and time again.

The past don’t mean nothing, because you covered the team in the past, don’t mean you have a handle on what’s going on now. Such experience doesn’t make you “numb” to saying stupid things.

Can you believe some of this stuff? Can you imagine if we had that Numby at the Post in charge of this team? Let’s see, don’t get Ryan Clady, do everything we can to keep Jay Huckdort Cutler from leaving and crying, bankrupt the team to pay Marshall and Cutler, don’t draft Moreno (who Numby is all of a sudden high on), sit Orton for Simms, the wrong coach left in January. Among other nonsense, the cherry on top is trade Orton now.

Numby saying Moreno was a mistake, people out there making up cute names “noyards Moreno,” all along I said this kid’s shown the requisite flashes and he will be a very good running back and catches out of the backfield brilliantly. We’ll see who the geniuses are.

Trade the one proven quarterback we have going into this season–we don’t even know if the other two can play?


But that’s OK, I will not be dismissed, I will not be truncated and or bifurcated, my words are iron and my Broncos wisdom is second to none. If the suits at the Denver Post were intelligent enough to hire me, I would bring that entire paper to greatness. I should rename this site, forget “mighty Broncos wisdom,” it’s P.P.’s Broncos Wisdom, and some of you will learn to address me with civility and as the genius I am. Some of you people will learn I’m trying to help you people. Helping you from saying ridiculous things out there, but at the rate the inane banter continues–I don’t hold out much hope.

9,000 degenerated sea cucumbers saying trade Orton now–unbelievable, what’s happened to that city? Fans cheering a gooned out pick throwing GQ posing dort, and on the other hand booing a blue collar worker who is all class? Scalping off your tickets to Steeler and Raiders fans so they can swing their terrible towels and put up a makeshift black hole in our stadium?

Now that I think of it, the 9,000 sea cucumbers in that poll don’t surprise me after all.