Can't fool me

Listen up everybody, Orton's the starter, but we'll take a second, a third or a high fourth rounder for him. (AP Photo)

It’s nothing short of moronic to anoint Tim Tebow the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos right now. How stupid that would be when you have a QB in Orton that you can trade–potentially for a second round pick if a team was desperate enough. You don’t devalue Orton right now, at least not publicly. I believe most Broncos fans see the writing on the wall, I believe they realize the Orton era is over in Denver, but I’m not so sure seeing as many of them were so married to Jay Huckdort Cutler and Brandon Marshall. I bet there’s a few goobers out there still lamenting the loss of Tony Scheffler… but I digress.

As fun and exciting as the final three games of the season were, veteran league hands will tell you it is not a sustainable model for NFL success. If your quarterback is your leading rusher in both attempts and yardage, as Tebow was over that three-game span, your quarterback is not going to last long.-Krieger

I suppose our running game will never get better, eh Krieger? Seeing how horrible it was, it can only get better. The quarterback isn’t going to last long running, eh Kriegs? Tell that to Michael Vick, you loser. Vick survives the NFL just fine.

Krieger. That genius who said Tebow’s 4.7 speed isn’t fast enough for the NFL. What a laugh. Terrell Davis had 4.7 speed, I suppose he wasn’t fast enough to play in the NFL either.

Fox, the new coach, has said essentially the same thing. It might be time to consider the possibility they mean what they’re saying. It’s quite possible they think that Tebow is not ready to be the starting quarterback of a successful NFL team, as many scouts do.

“Many scouts think,” “veteran league hands…” Do you people at the Post ever think for yourselves? Enough of this garbage. “Veteran league hands” and “many scouts” think Tebow will single-handedly lose the game for you because of his “throwing motion.” It’s turd, it’s a turd assessment.

Get over Kyle Orton Krieg, get over him because the Orton era is finished in Denver.

These people are married to a journeyman QB who struggles in the red zone, struggles on third down and struggles to inspire even a modicum of leadership.

Orton’s gone and this is the time to retool.

The game plan going forward on offense should revolve around Tebow. Timmy Teebs, our first round pick who played just as effectively as Orton, yet in a different way. The game plan going forward should revolve around our rookie running quarterback who has potentially high upside, it should not revolve around a stop-gap journeyman with the athleticism of a one-legged goat. Orton 11-17 with the Broncos, and no it was not all due to the defense. Time and time again Orton was unable to sustain drives, unable to get it done in the red zone and unable to mount come from behind wins. Some of you people are looking forward to Cuckooman as our QB next year? Enough is enough.

The time to retool is now, the time to put in an offense to play to the rookie’s strengths is now. It’s a mistake to do otherwise. It is a mistake to build an offense around Orton, and then a year or two from now you’ll have to retool all over again for Tebow–how pathetic.

Orton is not the answer, and we don’t yet know if Tebow is the answer either, but he was our first round pick last year and he looks promising. He was just as effective out there as Orton, perhaps more-so because our opponents must honor his running ability. It was a shock to see how competitive we were at the end of this season, a shock to see how many points we consistently put on the board. I don’t care what defense we played against, you score points on bad teams, we failed to even put up points against bad teams with Kyle Orton. You retool with the rookie now, if he really doesn’t work out, then in a year or two we could draft or acquire someone new. Starting Orton sets back this inevitable process one or two years–it’s a mistake.